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Soups, Sauces and Dips on Keto and Low Carb

Looking for flavorful and healthy keto and low carb soups, sauces, and dips?

Our section has got you covered!

From rich and comforting cream soups to zesty and tangy dips, our recipes offer a range of options for any occasion.

Plus, with simple ingredient lists and easy-to-follow instructions, you can easily make these recipes at home and avoid unhealthy store-bought options.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy dinner or a party appetizer, browse our keto and low carb soup, sauces, and dips section today and discover your new go-to source for delicious and healthy recipes.


Our Winter Root Vegetable Soup Recipe is a hearty and earthy soup enriched with whey as a base and slightly roasted root veggies such as parsnip, carrots, kohlrabi, onion, and garlic. For this wonder soup, additional vegetables such as turnip, celery roots, rutabaga, or other roots can intensify the flavor even more.  Sprinkle with freshly made broccoli sprouts and …

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Our Homemade Mushroom Powder Recipe, made out of dehydrated mushrooms, is the best mushroom seasoning blend to flavor your dishes. Learn how to make mushroom powder seasoning used as umami powder in your savory cooking to sprinkle on meats, stews and soups, sauces, and even for our keto snacks. Once mixed with my favorite truffles, it …

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Our Sauerkraut Soup Recipe with Sausage, Originate in Eastern Europe and has been served as a Hearty Christmas Soup for Generations. It is also known as Slovak Kapustnica, Czech Zelnacka, German Sauerkraut Soup Sauerkrautsuppe and Polish Sauerkraut Soup Kapustniak.  Served with crusty bread such as our farmer’s bread, yogurt buns, protein buns, or fiber bread …

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Learn How to Make Pine Cone Cheese Ball Recipe as a perfect Festive Appetizer using Almonds. Skip Cream Cheese and enjoy Cheese Mixture using our famous Garlic Homemade Cheese Dip instead. Serve with farmers bread slices, bell peppers, sesame crackers, tortilla chips, raw seed cracker bread, chaffle chips, or everything bagel crackers. Christmas Recipes To …

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Our Sugar-Free Keto Cranberry Sauce Recipe is done in 10 minutes using homemade Brown Sugar you will all enjoy. With only 2 carbs per serving, our Festive Sauce is also Low Carb, Gluten-Free, and perfect for Diabetics.  Serve together with goulash and steamed bread or meatballs for that extra sweetness. Top up cheesecake or use …

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