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Hi. I am Zuzana, the founder of Lowcarb-Nocarb Blog.

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Founder of Lowcarb-Nocarb

I am a Recipe Developer, Cookbook Author, Content Creator, Food Writer, Movie Maker, and a Photographer behind my Blog filled with Keto and Low Carb Recipes that are Quick and Easy to make and loved by all.

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Who am I?

First and foremost I am a proud mother of 2 beautiful girls.

My younger one was diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes at the age of 2,5 and that is how our low carb journey started.

Before diabetes came into our life I thought we had lived pretty healthy. But I did not give much thought to it.

I started studying and researching and researching on how to give the best I can, so diabetes will not affect us as much. To reduce carbohydrates, was the first thing in my head because they were the culprit of putting us on a roller coaster every day. But everyone around disagreed.

My daughter was very small and I just did not have the guts to experiment on her. I have been told numerous times that without carbs she would not grow or prosper.

I lowered bad carbs and tried to give her the healthiest ones. The ones with better Glycemic index and where the amount of food is largest.

Dr. Bernstein

I found Dr. Bernstein.

Immediately ordered his book. Read it. Agreed with everything, but since he is an adult and I was still afraid to experiment with my little one, I have put the book aside and lead a life with something in between.

Started experimenting with Low carb baking and reading a lot about it.

The only problem we had was, that anything I have baked, my daughter refused it. I on the other side was either stuffing myself during evenings with all the calories or it went straight to the dustbin.

The biggest puzzle for us was to find a bread alternative. That took me about 2 years to solve. I have tried numerous bread variations with no luck at all.

Problem was (which I did not know at that time) that I still in between gave her pieces of normal bread. They were much less in quantities than recommended, but she still had the taste buds made for grains.

How To Start Low Carb or Keto Lifestyle Pyramid

Do you know the Transformation magic?

The magic to this was to keep her from eating real bread for 1 week and instead reintroduce low-carb versions. It was a bit better but still took a long time until she started accepting it. And now you know why on our social media applications next to our logo is a picture of a perfectly made low carb bread.

At the moment she has her favorites, which I always keep in the freezer. From time to time I try to introduce something new and my baking and experimenting comes sometimes with a positive response. And sometimes (more than some times) with a negative.  Its a challenge for me that drives me to try and try.

What I found the most exciting is if I taste it and think: “This is out of the world and she would love it”, she does not like it. When I am sure this piece was a failure, she is crazy about it.

Why did I start this website?

I want to share my experience and knowledge I have gained throughout the years with you. I have been lucky enough to possess a great English language knowledge and therefore being able to do all the researches on Google in English, talk to people from all over the world with the same issues.

Connect with Zuzana

My aim is to supply you with all of the possible recipes, Ideas and suggestions which fit our lifestyle. And of course this all would not be possible without each one of you. 

I love hearing from you and would love to know all you are missing. 

If you have any questions regarding a particular recipe, please post a comment directly on that recipe.

Social Media for Lowcarb-nocarb

If you would like to reach me on any of the social media channels, here is where I am at most of the time:

On our Facebook Page, I post every day 4-5 Low Carb Recipes from bloggers all around the world for you to have great inspirations and ideas. You can also check my own Facebook Profile if interested.

Also, join our excellent Facebook Group, where we help each other, support one another, share our knowledge, our recipes and everything we can about our Low Carb or Keto journey.

Next comes Pinterest, where you can find various recipes saved for a quick look. 

And Instagram gives you another idea, while on the way, just in case it is not enough. 

Our YouTube channel is where my daughter shares easy to make recipes also for kids to enjoy.

And last but not least, we have of course Twitter .

It is really up to you which of the social media you choose to follow, we are there.

Welcome to our life.

I am sure you will enjoy it.

The most and foremost – it is better for the future, it is better for your body, it is better for your figure, so why not?

Enjoy it


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19 Comments on “About me”

  1. Hi….I have tried the Keto Farmers Bread twice now and can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I followed the instructions, watched the video and both times my bread is so flat…not a loaf at all can you help at all?

    • @Zuzana, Hi Zuzana, Peggy and Teresa should know that Potato Starch is actually very available in the US, I’ve purchased it on Vitacost in the past. Not sure if they still carry it but can probably be found on other online stores including Amazon. The package must say Potato STARCH not flour, they’re completely different. Sometimes different countries label the same exact products differently. Where you live it might be Potato Fiber and the same exact product would be labeled Potato Starch in the US. It causes confusion. Hope this was helpful.

      • Dear Lisa, I am so sorry but I still do not agree with your answer. I have checked right now 4 products of potato starch on Vitacost and they all have high amount of carbohydrates and 0 grams of Fiber.
        A real Potato Fiber (same as Oat fiber available in US) has got way above 65 grams of Fiber and very little carbohydrates.

  2. I tried the Peanut Butter recipe . Followed all the directions but the cookies turned out very crumbly. I baked them for the required amount of time plus 8 minutes but the were so soft that when I picked them up they would crumble in my fingers. Help! what went wrong? Thank you.

  3. I, too, made the Farmer’s Keto Bread using oat fiber and yeast and it turned out very flat. And mine was still a bit gummy in the middle after 90 minutes requiring a lot longer baking time at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Researching bread baking, the recommended temperatures are much higher than 300 degrees Fahrenheit – 350 degrees for “lean” breads with only basic ingredients, and 450 or 475 degrees Fahrenheit for breads with oils and sweeteners in them. I am going to try this recipe again with a much hotter oven and see if my bread rises better. I will also try baking it in a silicone loaf “pan” at higher temps so to get good height. Anyone else try higher baking temps? With what results?

    • Michele, this happens sometimes when your dough was too soft, meaning more liquidy to start with. Check the video to see how thick the dough is. I would also suggest to shape the loaf into more longer and thinner size, making sure the middle gets fully baked.

  4. I have a question about Keto Farmers Bread with Fiber. Where I live baking powder is not sold in packets so I don’t know how much baking powder is in a packet. Please advise me about how much baking powder to use (in teaspoons) for this recipe. Thanks.

  5. Hi Zuzana, I am a newbie to your website and am dying to try the lasagna noodles. I made the french fries and they are great. If my fussy husband likes them, they must be good. I started keto last October and lost over 40 lbs. Its amazing to eat with fats and lose weight. I am looking forward to trying your recipes! Lu-Ann


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