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Kitchen Pantry

The kitchen pantry of a low carb lifestyle individual is much more healthier alternative to the pantries used for generations.

Once you start a low carb lifestyle, there are few things which needs to be changed. One of the first is to almost completely clean up your old Pantry. Only after reading each of the product you own, you would realize how much carbohydrates or sugar  was inside your house. Out goes potatoes, pasta, rice, most of the fruits, all the flour “also the “healthier one”, ketchup, mustard, jams ….But at the end – you do it once and only once and for all. I promise, there is no better feeling like the one you would have once this is accomplished.

Now comes the best part – SHOPPING


If you click on each image, I have made a small description for each category listed here for you to have a brief idea of what to stock. There is our friend google, who can give you much detailed description to each.

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kitchen pantry - flour
kitchen pantry sugar sub.
Sugar sub.
kitchen pantry chocolates
kitchen pantry milk
kitchen pantry pasta
kitchen pantry sweets
kitchen pantry jelly
kitchen pantry deco
kitchen pantry soft drinks
Soft drinks
kitchen pantry syrups

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