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Keto and Low Carb Soft drinks

Keto and Low Carb Soft drinks you can enjoy from time to time.

soft drinks

Not the healthiest choice, but when you have kids who goes for Birthday parties, its always good to have some kind of Junk on hand

I buy drinks wherever I see them, every time we travel, we get a loaded suitcase with cans. But actually, now they started selling them finally in Austria:

And in Slovakia in Tesco Hypermarkets.

So now I just get stocked once a while and actually those drinks stay by us for a long time and are drank maybe once a months.

In Austria a pretty good option is Gröbi Drinks, where you have 7 flavors. They do sell in 2 sizes.

One special Exception is COKE ZERO. This is always in the house. For some reason Coke really helps when you have gut problems. Especially with Diabetes, when a persons sugar is high but has stomach issues, Coke is always handy. We actually also have a normal COKE at home at all times in case Sophie is too low and her body due to sickness does not keep any food. In that case Coke is handy by spoons and the glucose levels are better to control.