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Easy Sugar-Free Meringue Recipes

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Discover the art of creating the perfect meringue with our collection of Easy Sugar-Free Meringue Recipes. From delicate meringue cookies to the best meringue topping, learn how to whip up these light and airy treats using simple egg white-based recipes.

A variety of meringue cakes and cupcakes on a wooden table.
Meringue Recipes. Photo credit: Low Carb – No Carb.

Making a perfect meringue, especially sugar-free, is a challenging task. But once you get it right, you will be over the moon like I was. Then all you do is keep baking and using the best-ever developed meringue frosting, icing, or glaze in all your healthy meringue desserts.

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Sugar-Free Desserts

My recipes are proof of that. 

A basic meringue frosting has so many uses one would not believe it. 

Starting with sugar-free meringue cookies, we must have them on the table for every holiday event. 

Use an instant Pot for a great lemon meringue cheesecake, or build a perfect meringue lemon curd cupcakes

Summer, of course, can not be without making strawberry meringue sheet cake or almond flour cupcakes with meringue

Having a celebration? Our mini Pavlova cake will wow everyone.

Sugar-Free Meringue

Developing my sugar-free meringue was one of the first and most difficult tasks I had to endure when transitioning to a low-carb lifestyle. 

Meringue cookies have been the love of my life ever since I can remember, and my mum’s sheet cake with meringue frosting on top as well. 

One big disappointment I had to endure was to stop enjoying those two desserts I dearly loved.

How Do I Make Meringue Without Sugar?

Years ago, when we started low carb, I was adamant about baking them. But O my, you should have seen my trials. At first, I tried the original way, where I only replaced sugar with erythritol, as that was the only sweetener I knew. 

Do you want to know the truth? The cookies looked perfect, but one bite got you so much burn in your mouth and tongue from erythritol that they have stayed as a decoration on our table from Christmas till Easter. 

That got me into doing some research. 

A tray of meringue cupcakes on a table.
Meringue Recipes.

Sugar-Free Honey for Meringue

When we lived in Qatar, I found sugar-free honey from the US sold in the supermarket. I didn’t even know what the ingredients were, as all I cared about was that it was sugar-free and would not raise blood sugar for my daughter. 

After a few trials, I got the best meringue one can have. 

Until we moved, I never found that brand again. They have discontinued it altogether.

Store Bought Easy Meringue Cookies

Found another way. I started ordering small packages of sugar-free meringue cookies from the US to my house. You should have seen those packages. Even though meringue cookies are light in weight, they take a massive box to fill, as I always ordered at least 60 packets. Of course, half of them were already powdered the whole way. 

Then taxes hit, and I started paying so much extra for those packages that I had to stop and start developing again.

Lucky me, I found a Sukrin brand with their honey replacement. 

Great, one would say, until they have discontinued that product as well. 

Homemade Sugar-Free Syrup

Am I lucky, or what?

What did I do?

I developed my simple syrup, so nobody would ever take it away and disappoint me. And I will never lose the love of my life in meringue. 

And here we are with my liquid sweetener, which you can make at home and get the best meringue to use in all recipes. 

It took me seven years to develop what I am about to share with you. 

Egg Whites, Not Egg Yolks

When you make meringues, the egg whites do the magic, turning them into fluffy and sweet treats. But do not forget about the egg yolks – you can save them to make something else tasty, like creamy eggnog. It is a clever way to use all parts of the egg and enjoy different delicious treats.

You might find some recipes where they add the cream of tartar in ½ teaspoon or one, but after my trials, I realized this is unnecessary for us, and I wouldn’t add it. 

A table with a lot of desserts on it.
Sugar Free meringue.

Ways To Use Meringue Stiff Peak Frosting

As already mentioned, our keto frosting is the best recipe ever. 

Did I say that you can make variations as well? And that is not only flavors. Those come later. 

You can whip up from this one sugar-free recipe frosting, glaze, icing, and bake cookies or Pavlova. 



  • Meringue frosting – follow our recipe to the end, whipping all until stiff peaks form. 
  • Sugar-free meringue icing – Whipping your mixture only halfway until you get soft peaks, which gently flow down when lifted.
  • Meringue glaze – mixing till a silky smooth white consistency appears.
  • Meringue cookies – piping tiny cookies onto your baking sheet and bake on low heat. 
  • Pavlova – scooping a big cake-like circle onto the parchment paper with slightly elevated corners and bake in the oven. 

Baking Time for Pavlova and Other Desserts

Using meringue for desserts like Pavlova’s requires paying attention to baking time in the oven. You want the meringue to become crisp and golden on the outside while keeping soft, marshmallowy and chewy inside. This applies to various treats, ensuring they are baked just right to achieve that delightful taste and texture.

Best Meringue Recipes

The best sugar-free meringue recipes made from complete scratch everyone will love. 

Making a perfect sugar-free meringue is a pretty easy task. Well, I can say that now, after those seven years. But the good news is that you are about to skip seven years of your life and can jump straight to the easiest way to get the best sugar-free meringue for your desserts. 

All you need is a few simple steps, which I have explained in full detail in our meringue frosting post. 

I gave you all the steps, videos to guide you, tips, and tricks to get the best result ever.


In summary, crafting a basic meringue recipe entails gently warming egg yolks and sweetener in a double boiler and whisking using an electric mixer till frothy before whisking the mixture in your stand mixer until it’s done and glossy. Beat until soft peaks form, and if you feel the need for extra sweetness, you can add sugar sweetener 1 tablespoon at a time till the sugar is dissolved and stiff. 

Depending on what you are preparing, fill your piping bag with meringue batter and pipe onto a cookie sheet. 


  • Make sure your mixing bowl and beaters are scrupulously clean for optimal results, and take care of overbeating the meringue.
  • To prevent the whites from becoming gritty, gradually add the sugar while beating, allowing a few seconds between each addition. Once your meringue has achieved soft peaks, you can cease mixing and transfer the mixture to a piping bag fitted with a large star tip.
  • After piping the beautiful meringue onto a cookie sheet, remember the baked creations to cool completely and store in an airtight container at room temperature dry place. Whether making classic meringue cookies or experimenting with different shapes and flavors, the key to success lies in careful preparation and attention to detail.
A plate of cakes with strawberries and meringue on it.
Low Carb meringue Recipes.


What Sweetener To Use for Making Sugar-Free Meringue?

If you have read everything above, you know what you should not use: pure erythritol.

You need a super thick sugar-free simple syrup, which you can make at home using only an allulose sweetener, water, and an optional pinch of xanthan gum. 

Allulose is the best sweetener as it adds creaminess to your syrup, does not recrystallize after cooling, and thickens perfectly when cooked into a syrup. 

The longer you cook it and the thicker it gets, the better and firmer your meringue will be. 

If you do not have pure allulose, a powdered sweetener with monk fruit and allulose is also excellent. 

And if you only have a crystalized version, it is not a problem.

Your magic bullet of a coffee grinder will transform it into powdered sweetener in seconds. 

Can You Color or Flavor Sugar-Free Meringue?

Before you dive into my recipes, I suggest some ideas for adding flavors or colors to those sugar-free meringue desserts. 

Come Christmas, and I am sure you might enjoy green minty cookies. Or a pink meringue for Valentine’s. 

Here are some suggestions

  • Cocoa Powder – add a tablespoon of cocoa powder at the last mixing steps to get a perfect chocolate meringue.
  • Strawberry Powder – great for that ideal strawberry flavor and pinkish look
  • Fruit Berry Powders – the same goes with any other fruit powder you dehydrate
  • Matcha tea – a tablespoon of matcha tea powder will get you a lovely green, maybe St. Patrick’s green color.
  • Mint extract – Christmas green with matcha powder and mint extract for your holiday flavors
  • Vanilla meringue cookies – simply by adding vanilla extract, you can have a whole vanilla experience with
  • Other extracts – so many additional flavor drops, food coloring or extracts are available for your convenience. 

Sugar-Free Desserts Using Meringue

Finally, I am here to present the best-ever collection of my sugar-free meringue recipes you can whip up in no time using our only homemade sugar-free simple syrup. Discover a world of delicious sugar-free desserts made with wonderful meringue. 

Try the airy delight of meringue frosting or the satisfying crunch of meringue cookies. Treat yourself to the zesty meringue lemon curd cupcakes and the heavenly lemon meringue cheesecake. Dive into the sweetness of strawberry meringue sheet cake and the nutty goodness of almond flour cupcakes with meringue. And, of course, make sure to take advantage of the classic Pavlovas or lemon meringue pie, which is in the making. 

These desserts let you enjoy sweetness without the sugar.

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Sugar free meringue recipes.
Meringue Recipes.

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Sugar Free Meringue with a stiff peak.

Keto Meringue Frosting – Sugar Free Swiss Meringue

Zuzana Paar
4.91 from 11 votes
Extra Light and Fluffy Keto Meringue Frosting is sure to become your Favorite with only 2 Ingredients and No Carbs. This Delicious Sugar Free Swiss Meringue Frosting is Extra Easy to Make and is the Only Frosting needed for all of your Keto Deserts and Cupcakes.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Desserts
Cuisine International
Servings 20
Calories 1 kcal



  • Prepare both ingredients and set up your double boiler. ch you add a bowl of a stand mixer as I have made it. You only need one egg white, which is best at room temperature.
  • Pour your simple syrup onto the bowl on top of simmering water. Using a hand mixer, start whisking the syrup. 
  • Once you see bubbles forming, add the egg white and beat on medium speed. Be careful not to burn the mixture.
  • Keep mixing until you get frothy consistency and see that the texture is not changing anymore and frosting is smooth and is fully incorporated. 
  • Clean up the bottom of the bowl with a kitchen towel and place it immediately onto the kitchen machine. Turn the mixer on high and whisk until full stiff peak forms and your frosting become glossy. 



  • Frosting – following our recipe to the end, whipping all until stiff peak forms. 
  • Icing – Whipping your mixture only halfway until you get soft peaks, which gently flow down when lifted.
  • Glaze – mixing only till a silky smooth white consistency appears.


Serving: 2TablespoonsCalories: 1kcalProtein: 0.2gFat: 0.003gSodium: 2mgPotassium: 2mgFiber: 2gCalcium: 0.1mgIron: 0.001mg


Please note that nutrient values are estimates only. Variations can occur due to product availability and manner of food preparation. Nutrition may vary based on methods of origin, preparation, freshness of ingredients, and other factors.

Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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Sugar Free Meringue with a stiff peak.
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