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Oat Fiber Recipes

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I am presenting you a Full Collection of Top Keto Oat Fiber Recipes for you to enjoy and transform all of your favorite recipes into the ones with high in fiber and minimum carbs keto dishes. Our Ultimate Guide to Oat Fiber will answer all of the questions you have been looking for and explain why oat fiber is an excellent keto, low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free, and diabetic-friendly flour substitution

High Fiber Recipes oat fiber in a bowl on a board.
Oat Fiber Recipes

Oat Fiber

Discovering Oat Fiber has changed my entire life of low-carb cooking and baking. Not knowing about this option, I have always struggled with finding some replacements to make keto and low-carb dishes. Apart from almond and coconut flour, there was nothing close to the actual flour that I was happy with.

Then one day, I discovered Potato Fiber. And the rest is history. Everything smoothly followed, and I have summarized all the possible flour substitutions you can use in our lifestyle. 

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Oat Fiber Recipes

As I discovered potato fiber, I also realized oat fiber exists with the same features as potato fiber but is much more freely available worldwide. 

And My experience has begun.

First was the best Keto Artisan Farmers Bread, one of the most searchable and best keto bread in the low-carb world. 

As I fell in love with our bread, I have developed keto fiber buns that taste and look identical to the ones made with regular flour. 

Then came recipes with Fiber Tortillas and tortilla recipe with 0 carbs, where I used fiber instead of almond flour to prepare a perfect fathead dough. 

Keto Pasta 

Following my bread experiments came a craze in making all of the keto pasta and noodles possible. 

So I started developing recipes for Fettuccine Noodles, Keto Fiber Noodles, Spaghetti Quick and Easy 3 Ingredient Keto Pasta, and Soup Noodles.

Frankly, this is only the beginning. I have so many more recipes in the pipeline to try. I just wish a day had more hours and I have more time to do this for you. 

The Ultimate Guide to Oat Fiber

Coming further, I will explain every aspect of oat fiber I can imagine for you to have all the information available before you start cooking and baking with oat fiber. 

What is Fiber?

Fiber or dietary fiber is a part of the grown food that can not be fully digested by humans. Fiber is still a type of carbohydrate, but the one, which while eating, is passing through our body undigested.

Dietary Fiber is a very important component of our diet as it helps regulate the consumption of carbohydrates and blood sugar. 

There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble, to which oat fiber belongs to. 

Apart from oat fiber, we are mentioning today, in our lifestyle, are also additional great fibers to use such as Potato Fiber, Bamboo Fiber, Psyllium Husk, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, and inulin.  

What is Oat Fiber?

Oat fiber is an insoluble fiber that is very low in carbohydrates using the husk of the actual oats only, which is the outer shell. The outer shell of oats is peeled and ground into a fine powder resulting in flour-like consistency fiber. 

Oat fiber has almost no taste or slight taste reminiscent of wheat flour.

With its consistency, oat fiber is very close to regular flour, just much lighter in weight, and can be used in cooking or baking instead of traditional flours with slight adjustments. 

Is Oat Fiber Keto?

Because of its very low to almost nonexistent carbohydrates, oat fiber is a great flour substitute to use in keto and low-carb cooking or baking. 

Does oat fiber spike blood sugar?

If oat fiber spikes, blood sugar depends on each individual. 
As oat fiber consists only of pure insoluble fiber and minimal carbohydrate, it should not have an effect on blood sugar after consumption. 
After baking our famous Farmers Bread for years, I can confirm that using oat fiber as a flour substitute does not raise the blood sugar of my daughter, who is a type one diabetic. 

Oat fiber in a bowl.
High Fiber Recipes

Why would you use Oat Fiber?

There are significant benefits of using oat fiber. 

Fiber is not only beneficial to our health because it helps regulate our blood sugar and adds the much-needed fiber to our diet, but it is a great ingredient to use because

Oat Fiber:

  • Is keto-friendly flour for baking
  • Very low in calories
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • It has almost no taste or mild wheat flour taste
  • Is naturally Gluten-Free
  • It absorbs quite a lot of liquid therefore is suggested to use with water content ingredients.
  • Adds the volume instead of ordinary flour into your baking goods

Is Oat Fiber Gluten-Free?

Yes, oat fiber is naturally gluten-free as it uses the outer skin of actual oats, which are gluten-free as well.

What is the difference between oat fiber and oat flour?

Oat flour is made out of the whole oats, whereas oat fiber is made only from collected outer layers or skin of the actual oats, leaving oat seeds aside. It is further blended into a fine consistency flour-like powder called oat fiber. 

The big difference between oat fiber and oat flour is its carbohydrate content. Oat fiber contains very minimal amounts of carbohydrates and is exceptionally high in fiber. Oat flour, on the other side, is filled mainly with carbohydrates and raises blood sugar almost instantly. 

Can you make Oat fiber at home?

No, you can not make oat fiber at home. It is almost unrealistic as the process of extracting the outer husk from each tiny oat is impossible by hand.

Oat Fiber Keto Recipes selections.
Recipes with Oat Fiber

Where do you buy oat fiber?

It is not likely to find oat fiber in ordinary shops as it is not widely used and known. But here, amazon is your rescue. Once you type oat fiber, you get various brands and pick one you prefer. 

Always ensure it is Oat Fiber and not oat flour, bran, or oat starch. 

Oat Fiber Ratio to alternative flours

The oat fiber ratio is usually one to one, but remember that oat fiber soaks up lots of water; therefore, your recipe might need to be adjusted slightly. It is best to mix oat fiber with other low-carb flours and use extra liquid for your goodies not to feel dry. 

How many carbs are in Oat Fiber?

Oat fiber contains almost 0 carbohydrates. 

In 100 grams of oat fiber, you have 0,1 gram of carbs total. 

100 grams is also the total amount of oat fiber I use in making our farmers bread, which contains 20 slices. That gives you an accurate idea of zero grams of carbohydrates in oat fiber. 

Nutrition of oat fiber

Coming back using 100 grams of oat fiber as an example, the nutrition information is the best you can ever imagine. 

Calories 6kcal, fat 0,1gram, carbohydrates 0,1 gram, fiber 93.3 grams, protein 0.4 grams.

Do I need to say more?

What can I use Oat Fiber for?

Oat fiber can be used as a substitute for ordinary flour. It adds volume to your baking dishes.

Living our low-carb lifestyle, oat fiber is a great replacement, which gives you baked and cooked keto dishes similarity in look, feel, taste, and smell of an ordinary flour filled with carbohydrates. 

The Ultimate Guide to baking with Oat Fiber

And as we come towards the end of my article, we will concentrate on the actual use of oat fiber in baking and cooking. 

What does oat fiber do in baked goods?

Oat fiber adds volume to baking goods and is usually mixed with other flours to get the best results. It improves the texture of dishes being baked and helps bulk them up without using additional carbohydrate-filled ingredients. 

High Fiber Recipes using oat fiber on a wooden board.
Oat Fiber Keto Recipes

How To Use Oat Fiber in Recipes?

As oat fiber is a pure fiber, very much needed for our body, a tablespoon can also be added daily as a morning routine into your milkshakes or smoothies.

Apart from specific recipes I will share with you, oat fiber can be added to various desserts, granolas, muffins, pancakes, and cookies or used as a flour substitute for a pizza base.

Oat fiber can also be used instead of almond flour in preparing the fat head dough. 

I have already done this in one particular recipe, our fiber tortillas, and I have to say, the fathead dough made with oat fiber has been, so far, the best dough to work with because of its smooth consistency. 

Oat fiber together with coconut flour

One exception I would not suggest is mixing oat fiber with coconut flour. As both soak up lots of liquid, you might end up with very dry food unless you add an extreme amount of liquid. 

Oat Fiber Substitute 

There are also various substitutes for Oat Fiber. As I have started with Potato fiber as my first discovery, it is a great fiber replacement.  

Others can be various fibers such as bamboo fiber, Psyllium Husk, or flax meal. 

Storing Oat Fiber

Storing oat fiber is similar to any ordinary flour. Stored best in a glass container, oat fiber can be stored in your pantry for over a year. 

Recipes with Oat Fiber

Finally, coming to the end of my post. I hope I have given you all of the possible information and questions you might have regarding oat fiber in general, as well as baking with oat fiber. 

Our recipes are worth trying, and I hope you will enjoy them the same way other readers and I do. 

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High Fiber Recipes

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Full List of my 12 recipes made with oat fiber

Oat Fiber Recipes

I am presenting you a Full Collection of Top Keto Oat Fiber Recipes for you to enjoy and transform all of your favorite recipes into the ones with high in fiber and minimum carbs keto dishes. Our Ultimate Guide to Oat Fiber will answer all of the questions you have been looking for and explain why oat fiber is an excellent keto, low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free, and diabetic-friendly flour substitution.

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  1. I make keto waffles using baking powder, almond flour, egg, shredded mozzarella cheese. My question is, can I substitute 2 Tbsp of oat fiber for the 2 Tbsp of almond flour, or does it need to be 1 Tbsp of each? I’m going to make the oat fiber noodles later this week to have with a roast.
    Thank you for your recipes.

    • I have not made waffles with oat fiber yet, but would go for half and half at the beginning and see how it taste. If you only want to use oat fiber, I would go with a bit less of it compared to almond flour.


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