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42+ Top Keto Cookie Recipes Collections

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Over 42 Easy to Make Best Keto Cookie Recipes Collection will make your Holiday Time a breeze. Those Easy Keto Recipes are the best Gluten-free, Grain-free, Sugar-free, Flourless, and especially Healthy Low Carb Cookies

35 keto cookie recipes.
keto cookies

They are best to make ahead of a party. Enjoy them with your morning coffee and add them to your keto meal Plan.

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Pick from meringue cookies, Nutella cookies, peanut butter cookies, thumbprint cookies, keto snickerdoodles, lemon cookies, and keto pumpkin cookies. We have them all.

To pick the best chocolate chip cookie dough, you have a choice of eight keto chocolate chip cookies.

Best keto cookie recipes

Do you love cookies? I am sure you do.

Cookies are the perfect keto treat. All the recipes to try with cookies without regular flour and a few net carbs per cookie.

They are healthy, fabulous looking, delicious, and always a part of our low-carb lifestyle.

They can be a great addition to the daily indulgence you have been craving for.

Low carb diet is the best thing in the whole universe; I have to say. And having a wide variety of keto dessert recipes is an additional advantage.

Pick your best from our collection of the best low carb cookies. There are for sure many you will choose and make. Or make them all one by one.

My sugar–free keto meringue cookies took me years to develop, and I am incredibly proud of them.

Or give it a go for the easiest ever peanut butter keto cookies you can have.

Christmas cookies

Gingerbread cookies are the favorite of all, especially for kids, as you can even build a whole gingerbread village.

And since we are at Christmas, vanilla crescent keto cookies are also perfect to have on hand.

Butter cookies or shortbread cookies? Those cookies are made with almond flour if you prefer.

The season of festivities is around the corner, and you would need some on the table at all times.

Guests will be happy something healthy is served. Low-carb keto cookies are a perfect idea. Easy to transport, and you can take them to every gathering you attend.

Keto Cookie Recipe Collection
Can you eat cookies on keto?

You can certainly eat cookies on keto. If you are watching your calories, as that help you gain weight, almost any cookie can be transformed into your favorite keto cookie dough.
All of the cookies taste delicious and contain minimal net carb count. Each recipe you pick will have only one to two net carb per cookie.

Are sugar-free cookies healthy?

They are incredibly healthy. Using nut flours, spices, and natural sweeteners, there is no doubt you will find anything more beneficial yet so tasty. They all are low carb, sugar-free, and much more.

Homemade ingredients to bake cookies

With my suggestions and almost all of the ingredients made from scratch, you can even live on a deserted island and still bake perfect keto-friendly cookies. And stay on a keto diet.

Living in Europe and not having the ingredients freely available that I would be happy with, I have also started producing essential recipes for you as well.

Whether you pick homemade sweeteners or try and make flours or one of the nut milk, I am here to help.

Sweet sauces

Whether you pick chocolate syrup for dipping or magic shell, which perfectly hardens, I have that here.

To make a whole buffet out of our homemade sauces, you can prepare your simple syrup, caramel sauce, maple syrup, and even condensed milk.

And all those fully keto, sugar-free, diabetic friendly, low carb, and gluten-free.

Sugar free chocolate bars

Made from a complete scratch white chocolate bar or dark chocolate bar to use inside the cookies or just grated on top. In the end, chocolate cookies or keto chocolate chip cookie recipe is the most popular.

Chocolate chips

Super easy to make your dark chocolate chips or white chocolate chips that can be added to the most famous low carb chocolate chip cookies to make them entirely sugar-free. White chocolate macadamia nut cookies are a great idea to use as well.


As vanilla needs to be added to almost any cookies, you can make your vanilla extract in an hour before the holiday season starts. Store in your pantry and use whenever needed.


Decorating with sprinkles is the easiest way to make any keto treat great looking.

With my sprinkles recipe, you can make various colors and alternate them depending on the holiday types.

We have a color combination ready: Christmas cookies, Halloween cookies, Easter, Valentines, birthdays, St. Patric’s cookies, you name it.

Fruit powders

Using the steps I have made strawberry powder, you can whip up various colorful and flavorful fruit powders. Color your cookie or use it as sprinkles on the top after baked.

Coconut shreds

In just a few steps from a whole coconut, you can make the crunchiest ever coconut shreds used in various coconut cookies.

Sugar free jams

Our strawberry jam or cranberry sauce perfect filling for cookie sandwiches.

Peanut Butter

Did you know you can even make your peanut butter just from peanuts? And then you can make the easiest ever keto peanut butter cookie recipe.

Coconut milk

Once you have your coconut shreds ready, before drying them, take out your blender and make the coconut milk, you might need.

Brown Sugar

Making at-home brown sugar as a keto-friendly sweetener that can be used as an addition to cookie baking or even no-bake keto cookies is a dream come true. And now you can have it.

Almond Flour

Instead of expensive store-bought almond four, you can take your magic bullet. Grind blanched almonds into perfectly fine almond flour. What a help. In case you run out of keto flour, cookies made with almond flour can be made in no time.

Coconut Flour

As you might make more coconut shreds than planned, grind some in your coffee grinder. Use it instead of flour in the recipes.

Coconut Cookies are a perfect alternative if you are looking for a cookie without all the carbs.

Cream Cheese

Again from a complete scratch, make farmer’s cheese on the stove or curd cheese in your Instant Pot. Blend with a few drops of heavy cream, and you are done. You can use it for cookies with cream cheese or as a cream cheese frosting in keto oreo cookies.

Was I right? So many “from scratch” ingredients you can make.

I hope I did not exhaust you, but here you have it. Almost all ingredients that are needed to make the best low carb cookies.


What flours are the best to make sugar free cookies?

In keto or low carb baking, two of the most popular flours are used. 

Almond and coconut flour are excellent, but each serves a different consistency in our baking.

Almond flour or almond meal is light not only as a texture but as well in a taste.

Coconut flour, on the other side, is very dense, and you only need a tiny amount of it. The flavor of a coconut four is unbelievable and will transform any sugar-free cookie into rich awesomeness.

I have written a whole article on various flours to use in keto and low carb baking. There are so many you can experiment with, and each gives you your defined taste.

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What are the best sweeteners for keto desserts?

As most cookies require some sweetness, there is an excellent article on various keto sweeteners to use in our pantry section.

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Are sugar free cookies good for diabetics?

Filled with low carb ingredients, they do not raise your blood sugar as an ordinary cookie will. Therefore you can indulge in them any time of the day. No worries about ending up with high numbers just after one bite.

Although they all are very low in carbohydrates, you will have to watch out, especially if you enjoy more pieces than you would typically plan.

Remember, even keto flour has some carbs, which need to be accounted for.

How to make low carb cookies crispy or chewy?

When you make keto cookies, you go for the crispiness or softness.

Each one of us is in love with something else.

In general, to make cookies more on the crispy side, bake them at a lower temperature. They will have more time to spread and become thinner, quickly achieving crispiness.

It also helps if you flatten them before baking.

Not adding brown sugar helps big time if you go for crispiness.

Erythritol is known in our low-carb baking lifestyle to keep cookies crispiest the most.

A chewy keto cookie can be achieved by adding coconut flour.

This helps them to become more of a chewy cookie if you are looking for this texture.

How to store sugar cookies?

Once fully cooled, store them in an air-tight container to retain the structure you have been looking for.

If you find them soggy after a while, placing them in the oven at a low temperature will take out moisture. In no time, they will become fresh and crispy again.

Can you freeze easy keto cookies?

Almost any cookies are freezable. I do this all the time. Especially before Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, when I bake many different varieties.

I always bake ahead of time and store all of the cookies in the freezer. 

That way, they are always fresh and ready to be served at that particular event.

Usually, take them out of the freezer the night before and let them slowly unfreeze. If you find them a bit soggy the following day, just place them into an oven for a few minutes. You will have perfect keto dessert as if you have made them just today morning.

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Low carb cookie recipes

And now to our superb best, ever collection of the keto and low carb and keto cookie recipes that taste even better than regular ones.

All of the cookies are so easy to make, perfect as a delicious low carb snack and all the cookies are full of healthiness. 

Top Keto and Low Carb Cookie Recipes

Over 42 of the Best and easy to make Keto Cookie Recipes Collection, that will make your holidays time a breeze. Make them ahead of a party, enjoy them with your morning coffee and add them to your Keto Meal Plan. Gluten-free, Grain-free, Sugar-free, Flourless and especially healthy, great as a part of your Keto Meal Preps. You kids will love you for that.

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