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Keto Santa Hats Cupcakes

Super simple and easy to make, those Keto Santa Hats Cupcakes are so cute, all the kids around will fight for them. Keto-Friendly, gluten-free Low Carb and healthy all over, this will the one and only cupcake you need. I think I will make them throughout the whole year. Not only during Christmas.

Keto Santa Cupcakes on a plate with greenery behind
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How to make Keto Cupcakes? 

There is a whole post on how to make Easy keto Cupcakes, which we use on every occasion. All you need is a different icing and transform those Cupcakes depending on the event. Be it Christmas, Easter, Halloween or some sort of celebration. Those Keto Cupcakes are made with almond flour and are really the lightest and softest from all. Always a winner.

Background Story:

As I see, my variation of Christmas Recipes is getting wider and wider. But that is the most or the only time I have ever baked.

In my previous life – I mean life before Low Carb – I have to admit, I have almost NEVER baked. Baking and cooking was never my hobby. I have worked in marketing, where we used to organize regular events and that made me stay in the office or on the location until late evening. Then I had my daughter to take care of and cooking was really the last thing in my head. I would rather spend some quality time with her, if I had any, then cooking and being in the kitchen.

It all changed when we started doing Low Carb. I have researched a lot and although I thought we have lived healthy, I was so mistaken. And I have also realized, that there is no way to go to the shop and just buy something Low Carb.

Unless you do not make it yourself, you do not have it.

Keto Santa Hats Cupcakes
Keto Santa Hats Cupcakes

You see how life changes? But this is the proof, that even if you are not a great cook, possibilities of one being an “Ok” cook or a baker are endless.

How do I come up with those lovely ideas?

There is always a story behind every recipe I share.

Most of the time it is either when I an on Facebook, or scrolling through Pinterest, something catches my eye and the rest is using a bit of imagination. But most important for me personally is to make or bake something my daughter would love.

Although half of the ideas are completely forgotten. But not really completely. They always appear from my head similarly to the story with our Homemade Cheese Dip.

Since most of the ideas are filled with sugar and carbs, what inspires me the most, is to make it healthier. But of course fully Low Carb and Keto. And once I find something, its for us to keep.

Keep forever and ever.

Keto Santa Hats Cupcakes

In those 8 years of Low Carb Lifestyle in our family, I have gone through millions of recipes. They were either found on the net or I have tried to come up with something myself. And do not think that all were perfect.

Lots of failures are behind the development of those. Like for example our Sugarfree Meringues Cookies. That recipe took me good 5 years to develop into a perfection you have right now. And you can enjoy it immediately.

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red santa claus hat keto cupcakes.
Holidays cupcakes

But what force me the most?

What drives me to do it again and again?

That feeling once the recipe is finally perfect. I just love it.

And what makes me the happiest is, that I can share it with you and you can all enjoy this Low Carb lifestyle with us.

This post is very similar to Christmas Tree Icing process, except having the original Cream Cheese color and one with red color. For the white Piping bag I have used the smaller star-shaped tip and for the red Icing, I have taken a wider round shape Tip.

For both of the Icing, I have to admit, I have used Natural Food Coloring from the bottle, which I have purchased from Amazon. The reason was, that I have used already 2 days to make homemade colors for our Homemade Sugar-Free Keto Sprinkles and I really needed a lot of it for Icing.

And the second reason, I have made all of this for my brother’s kids, who were supposed to arrive the next day, and there is no way in the world, I will be able to make it all till then. Well, probably I would If I would spend the whole night mixing instead of sleeping. But no. Not that far.

Recipe here we come.

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Yield: 12

Keto Santa Hats Cupcakes

Keto Santa Cupcakes on a plate with green brunch behind

Super simple and easy to make, those Keto Santa Hats Cupcakes are so cute, all the kids around will fight for them. Keto-Friendly, gluten-free Low Carb and healthy all over, this will the one and only cupcake you need. I think I will make them throughout the whole year. Not only during Christmas.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes



  1. Once you bake the those Easy Keto Cupcakes, (I have doubled the portion for 12 Cupcakes) make sure they are properly cooled.
  2. Mix Cream Cheese and Powdered Sugar substitute with a hand mixer until you get the smooth consistency.
  3. Split the amount into 2 different bowls and add coloring for red Icing
  4. Once properly mixed, place it into 2 different Icing Piping bags
  5. For the white icing use the smaller round shape Icing tip
  6. For Red use bigger round shape Icing tip.
  7. Place it in the fridge to cool properly.
  8. Once both, icing and cupcakes are cooled, start placing the red icing onto a cupcake in a circular shape (see video for better instruction)
  9. After you have shaped it into a Santa Hat, use the white Icing bag and place small round dots around the whole basse and one bigger for the tip of the cupcake Icing.
  10. If you do like, you can decorate it with just a plain Coconut stripes, or use our Sugar Free Keto Sprinkles Recipe to have it a bit more colorfull.


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Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 95Total Fat 7gCarbohydrates 2gFiber 1gProtein 6g

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Do let us know what you have made with all of these Keto Santa Hats Cupcakes ideas and do not forget to send us pictures. We love looking at the great ideas you have come up with.

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Friday 25th of October 2019

The video is in the post as well as in the recipe Card

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