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Super Moist Chocolate Keto Cupcakes

Easy to make, those Super Moist Chocolate Keto Cupcakes with creamy Low Carb chocolate cream cheese frosting are filled with rich flavor. Sugar Free, Gluten Free and diabetic friendly Keto muffins are super fast and simple to make every time you start craving some.

Chocoalte Low Carb cupcakes with Nutella frosting.
Keto Choco Cupcakes

Keto Cupcakes

Have you seen our famous Easy Keto Cupcakes?

They are so delicious, soft, moist and popular, that I am gonna base all of my cupcakes and muffins, low carb and keto, grain free and sugar free on this recipe.

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One and only recipe, that is so extremely easy and fast to make, that there is really nothing better in this world. You have a wish for a cupcakes and in mere minutes you can enjoy them. How fabulous is that?

We already made our Christmas edition with Low Carb Christmas Tree Cupcakes as well as Keto Santa Hats Cupcakes.

Lakanto Suntella Chocolate Spread

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes in a wooden box

For this recipe, I have used popular Lakanto Suntella Spread as a base for our cream cheese frosting.

This High Fiber, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar-Free and Vegan Treat is delicious spread, mixed with Coconut Oil, Sunflower butter and sweetened with Monk fruit.

The spread taste really great on its own as well. Just be careful not to indulge into it so much, because at the end calories are calories, whatever great treat we take.

As a great company, Lakanto is offering to all of our readers 15% of ALL of their Products using a Coupon Code: lowcarbnocarb.

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes spread around baking muffin tint

Let us start baking those beautiful Keto Chocolate Cupcakes step by step

How to bake Keto Chocolate Cupcakes?

First Step: Prepare Ingredients

Prepare all of your ingredients for the cupcakes.

For the sugar substitute, I normally use Sukrin, but have experimented also with Swerve or Lakanto. It really depends on your preference.

The amount of sugar is also to your liking. If you do feel it is not sweet enough, just add a bit more. Or less if too sweet for you.

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes ingredients

Second Step: Mix all Ingredients

First mix eggs together with sugar until fluffy creamy consistency is achieved.

Subsequently add all of the remaining ingredients and mix them all together fully.

I normally use only a hand mixer, since this recipe calls for only 6 cupcakes and it is much much easier for me.

But if I would double or triple the recipe for a party, I would for sure take out my big Kenwood Kitchen Machine.

keto chocolate cupcakes beeing mixed

Third Step: Pour into the Muffins Molds

Once everything is fully mixed, pour the mixture into the cupcake molds. I like to use single silicon molds inside the cupcake baking sheet. But you can use any muffin molds you have, paper, silicon or jut pour it directly into the baking sheet.

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes pouerd in the silicon muffin molds

Fourth Step: Bake

Bake for 10 minutes and all is done.

Once baked, keep it on the kitchen counter and let it cool completely if you are planing to use the Frosting or icing on top. Otherwise the frosting will melt.

How to make Keto Cream cheese Frosting?

For this recipe I have decided to mix Cream cheese together with nutella to achieve even more chocolatey taste to our perfect moist, fluffy and delicious Keto Chocolate Cupcakes.

First Step: Warm Up Nutella

Because I have chosen for this recipe Suntella from Lakanto, I have warmed up the nutella a bit to get creamier consistency. In that way it was much easier for me to mix all into a creamy smooth frosting.

I have not added extra sugar and kept the sweetness only from Nutella.

We do not like extra sweet desserts and because the cupcakes are already sweet enough, together with nutella that is more than enough of sweetness for us.

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes icing beeing mixed

Second Step: Mix ingredients

Simply mix the two ingredients into a smooth consistency.

Depending on chocolate spread you are going to be using, you might experience the icing to be a bit liquid. In this case just add more of the chocolate spread to achieve more thickness.

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes frosting inside the icing bag

Third Step: Place into the Icing bag

Once you are happy with the consistency, scoop all of the mixture into a piping bag, with a tip of your choice. Place it into the fridge and let it cool fully and completely.

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes filling the icing bag

Fourth Step: Pipe

When you are ready to serve, prepare all of the muffins and take out the Keto Chocolate Frosting from the fridge.

In a circular motions, cover the whole top of the muffin with Frosting and serve.

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes frosting them

Bakers tips

For the cupcakes molds, use the ones you prefer the most. I like the silicon molds, because they never really stick and are easier taken out once baked.

I also prefer to place the silicon molds directly into the baking cupcake tray, for an uniform shape. The baking form will prevent cupcakes to raise in different directions.

For the sugar substitute, my favorite is Sukrin brand, but I have already baked those cupcakes with other variations and they all came our perfect.

Bare in mind, if you use Xylitol, it is poisonous to dogs.

Cacao vs cocoa

Depending on the brand of your Cacao or Cocoa, the color might change slightly.

Cacao for example is a bit lighter and reddish compare to Cocoa, which is fully dark.

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes placed next to each other

Keto Chocolate Cupcake in a Mug for 1

Did you know, that if you half this recipe, you can accomplish one single serving of a Keto Mug Chocolate Cupcake?

Simply mix it all together, place it into one of your oven proof mugs and bake it as you would normally. And there you go.

Your Keto Chocolate cupcakes in a mug are born.

Frequently asked Questions and answers.

Chocolate Keto Cupcake on a black tray

How many carbs in one Keto Cupcake?

Those Keto cupcakes are perfect for calculation of your carbs as well. If you are counting only a cupcake without frosting it is the easiest.

1 Keto Cupcake = 1 g of carbs

If you add Frosting into it, total cupcake come into 5 g of carbs with 3 grams of Fiber.

To ease the calculation we normally subtract Fiber, and therefore again easy:

1 Frosted Keto Cupcake = 2 g of Carbs

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes on a baking tray

How to store Chocolate cupcakes?

Once baked, we normally finish them in about an hour.

But, if you want to store them, they stay perfect for up to 3 days in an air tight container inside the refrigerator.

Can you freeze Keto Chocolate Cupcakes?

Yes, you certainly can and I do it all the time. Just place them in the container and straight into the freezer.

Then every time you need a bite, just take as many pieces as you need and enjoy.

When is national chocolate cupcake day?

Friday, October 18

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes on a white stand

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Chocolate Keto Cupcakes pin write up

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Yield: 6

Chocolate Keto Cupcakes

Chocoalte Low Carb cupcakes with Nutella frosting.

Easy to make, those Super Moist Chocolate Keto Cupcakes with creamy Low Carb chocolate cream cheese frosting are filled with rich flavor. Sugar Free, Gluten Free and diabetic friendly Keto muffins are super fast and simple to make every time you start craving some.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes



  1. Preheat the oven to 200 C or 400F
  2. Prepare and mix eggs with sugar substitute
  3. Add all of the other ingredients
  4. Pour into already prepared silicon muffin tints inside the cupcake baking sheet
  5. Bake for 10 minutes


  1. Warm up the Suntella in the microwawe for a few seconds to soften
  2. on a bow mix Cream Cheese and Nutella with a handmixer to a creamy soft consistency
  3. prepare your Icing bag with your prefered tip and add all of the mixture inside.
  4. Place it into the refridgerator to fully cool it down
  5. Pipe when ready to serve
  6. Bon appetit

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Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 294Total Fat 26gCarbohydrates 5gFiber 3gSugar 2gProtein 8g

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Rita Misich

Wednesday 16th of December 2020

These cupcakes are fabulous. They are firm but soft. They do not crumble like so many other recipes. Also the fact that the recipe makes only 6 iS great. I'm a widow and 6 is just perfect. Thank you.


Wednesday 16th of December 2020

I am so happy you are enjoying them Rita.

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Friday 9th of August 2019

These are gorgeous, can't believe they are Keto! The frosting looks vey drool worthy! Am baking these over the weekend - can't wait!


Tuesday 13th of August 2019

dear Hope,

I am so happy to get you inspired by this lovely recipe. It will be so worth it.

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