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Homemade Sugar Free Keto Sprinkles

Did you know you can make Keto Sprinkles? Those Homemade SugarFree Keto Sprinkles are super easy to make and will last forever in a glass container. Use them on any of your cookies, cupcakes, even as a decoration for Keto Granola.

Low Carb Homemade Sprinkles

Sugar-Free Sprinkles

Homemade Sugar Free Keto Sprinkles have been on my list for as long as I can remember.

Until now, every time we have made some cupcakes or cookies for holidays, we have made everything low-carb except the sprinkles. I used to buy those little tiny balls and only put few pieces, so all the cookies or cupcakes gets that beautiful end touch to them.

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Well, as we all first need to approve our food with the look of it, that is the most important point, and it is the first sign, where we decided if we like it or not. And with our kids, this is 100% true. If they like the look, they will most probably have a try at them. But if it does not look nice, they do not even bother to try them.

But now, not anymore. All the deco from our previous life goes into the trash can. Well, maybe I will keep them in the box, so if anyone wants, do let me know. And we do have lots of them. Different shapes, colors, you name it.

First time I have seen those sprinkles ideas by using shredded coconut, was from OMG Keto Yum.

They were so beautiful, that I have decided to give it a try and make one myself. You could use natural coloring, which would be the easiest and fastest way. Or you could go one more step and use your own ingredients to dye them.

Homemade Sugar Free Keto Sprinkles
Naturally colored Keto Sprinkles

One point when using the Coconut Flakes I have experienced:

Make sure you do get the flakes which are a bit thicker, and the end result is much nicer. I have also used completely shredded coconut, but that gives you more of a colored powder. Which at the end could be used as well on cookies for example.

You can also make your own Homemade Coconut Shreds from Scratch if you are interested.

But as I am always ready and fully excited about all the experiments, I have made a decision to go fully natural.

Natural coloring for Keto Recipes

As I have already made natural coloring with our Rainbow Chia Pudding and Sugar-Free Gummy Bears, I have decided to give it a try. And those results are really outstanding. With Curcumin or Turmeric, for example, I have made 2 colors. Little Curcumin turns them into lovely yellow. The more Curcumin you use, and you get a beautiful Orange Halloween color.

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Rainbow of Keto Sprinkles

How to naturally color Keto Sprinkles?

Red, Pink and Purple, I have used it the same way as with our Rainbow Low Carb Chia Pudding, where I have boiled frozen berries until most of the liquid evaporates. Then add drop by drop into a bowl of white Coconut flakes. If you do like the color, but it is a bit thick, do not worry to add few drops of water, which will spread the color evenly. In the end, they are going to the oven for drying.

Yellow and Orange, I have used Turmeric, as already mentioned. Just mix the powder with a little of water and add that into the coconut flakes. Adding a few drops results in a lovely bright yellow color, and a bit more colors it into a lovely Orange.

For a Green Color, You can use either Spirulina or Matcha Tea Powder, which comes a bit darker green. Or you can go for boiling Spinach leaves in a tiny amount of water to get a brighter green color.

For a Turquoise color, I really had to do some research and found a great idea from Whole New Mum, where she wrote a whole blog about it. What a perfect tip.

Tip for Homemade Sugar-Free Keto Sprinkles:

Once you will be coloring, do not worry if the Coconuts area bit wet. I have come up with the idea of drying them in the oven (instead of letting them dry naturally) into a lovely (even better than before) crunchy consistency, which my daughter said, is much, much tastier than just shredded Coconut.

Best Keto Friendly Sprinkles.

I have placed each color into a small glass container to use in the future. But I have also made 2 different mixed colors bottles. One Mixture is for Halloween, where you mix only the orange, purple and red colors. And then I have made another lighter version for Christmas, where I have added all the colors together plus white original shredded Coconut. I will still make a third mix for Easter, where I will probably only mix, light colors like yellow, turquoise, white and pink. And the 4th mixture for Valentines with only red, pink and white Sprinkles. O my. I can not wait for all the baking now.

Low Carb Christmas Cupcakes with Homemade Sugar Free Keto Sprinkles
Sugar-Free Sprinkles for Valentines

To make it a bit more clear also for me in the future, here it goes:

A mixture of Homemade Sugar-Free Keto Sprinkles colors:

  • Halloween:  Orange, Purple, Red
  • Christmas: Red, Green, White
  •  Easter:  Yellow, Turquoise, White, Pink
  • Valentines: Red, Pink, White
gingerbread cookies gluten-free with Sugar-Free Sprinkles on top
Keto Sprinkles on Gingerbread Cookies

Special Holidays to use Keto Sprinkles for

Any other holidays? O my. I am sure there are plenty. Like baby girl shower, baby boy shower, weddings, hen parties, all the birthday parties, special occasion parties, company events, where you can use the colors of your logos. Imagination is long.

I have already used them on our Christmas Tree Cupcakes and Eggnog Popsicles but more to come. And once you make them, they should stay for a long time.

You can even decorate our Chocolate Fudge Brownies with it to get that perfect Christmas Fudge you wanted.

You can also use them on our Sugar-Free Meringue Cookies, which will give them a great festivity feel. I have not tried it, but next time I bake, that’s for sure what I will do. 

Or try to sprinkle our Chocolate Keto Cupcakes to give it a bit of color.

My next challenge is to come up with something round looking but still low Carb. Then I will have everything for decoration.

I do hope you liked the idea, and here goes the full recipe.

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Yield: 20

Homemade Sugar Free Keto Sprinkles

Homemade Sugar Free Keto Sprinkles

Those Homemade Sugar Free Keto Sprinkles are best invention in the whole Univers. Use them forever and on any party occasions.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes



  1. To prepare the colors, I have used various ways, but I do mention them all here.
  2. Red, Pink and Purple - boil frozen berries (Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries) until most of the liquid evaporates.
  3. Yellow and Orange - Curcuma. Just mix the powder with a little bit of water. Adding few drops results in a lovely bright yellow color and a bit more colors it into a lovely Orange.
  4. Green Color - Spirulina or Matcha Tea Powder again mix with few drops of boiling water for the powder to dissolve.
  5. Turquoise color - Red Cabbage and Baking Soda with instructions here.
  6. Now time to color.
  7. Prepare separate bowls (depending on how many colors you are making) and into each one of them add a handful of shredded Coconut.
  8. Add drop by drop from the food colors into a bowl of white Coconut flakes. If you do like the color, but it is a bit thick, do not worry to add few drops of water, which will spread the color evenly. In the end, they are going to the oven for drying.
  9. Once you are happy with the results, switch the oven to 70C or 160F and line the colored Shredded Coconut flakes into baking sheet covered with a parchment paper. Make sure the colors are aligned with space in between, otherwise you will end up with a total mixture of all the colors.
  10. Place it into the oven and bake for circa 10-15 minutes. Then switch off the oven and let them cool down inside. This will result in a perfect crunchiness.
  11. Once they are cooled, place them in a small glass container and use for any occasion. You can mix different colors for different occasions. Please, see the tips in the post above.

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