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How To Make Keto Sweeteners at Home

Learn How To Make Keto Sweeteners at Home with various Sugar-Free Homemade Syrups and DIY Low Carb Sugar Blends. Build your own Sugar-Free Starbucks Station in your Kitchen with those Natural, Diabetic Friendly, and Gluten-Free Sugar Blends you make yourself and save lots of money.

How To make Keto Sweeteners at Home in a glasses.
Homemade Low Carb Sweeteners

Ultimate Low Carb Sweeteners Guide

With our complete list of various Keto Sugar Substitutes, you are on the right track to picking the best base for making your Sugar-Free Syrups, and Keto Blends in just a few minutes in your own home. 

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Using various Keto-Friendly Sweeteners, you can whip up the best Sugar-Free Homemade Syrups in a few minutes, such as Simple Syrup, Maple Syrup, or Chocolate Syrup. You can make a perfect Caramel Sauce, or whip up a delicious Brown Sugar Blend

You can surprisingly make your homemade Condensed Milk to use in your baking. 

Types of Sugar-Free Sweeteners 

Let me introduce you briefly to the top sweeteners you can use for various homemade sugar-free blends I will be talking about. 

Those are the top Keto Sweeteners I always use when making my syrups or blends. 

Each adds a unique texture when making your DIY Low Carb Sweeteners.

Best Sweeteners for Keto

To know precisely what those sweeteners are and what recipes are perfect for making, I wrote about various Keto and Low Carb Sweeteners in our article. 

I will not repeat and explain each one individually, but on the other side, write why I use them each for our blends. 


Allulose – Sweetener Allulose is, at the moment, my favorite sweetener, especially when making Sugar-Free Syrups. It does not recrystallize, it has a very close taste to the natural sugar, and it adds a nice creamy texture to your liking. 

Monk Fruit

Monk Fruit Sweetener – This is my second best option, as it gives us a very close to the natural sugar taste. Sweetener Monk Fruit is a derived Monk Fruit extract directly from the plant Luohan Guo and has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. 


Erythritol is a widely available sweetener and has been one of the first Keto Sweeteners on the market. Some might not like its tiny cold aftertaste, but it can quickly reduce it by blending it with other sweeteners. Erythritol has one negative site to making syrups and other blends, and that is, it recrystallizes once cooled down. 

Low Carb Sweeteners next to each other.
Best Sweetener for Keto


Xylitol – is the perfect sweetener concerning the taste. Sugar Substitute Xylitol is the one sweetener with a tiny bit of extra carbohydrates, but on the other side does taste excellent.


Stevia – a pure and natural sweetener you can make at home by drying your leaves and blending them into a powder has been my go-to sweetener for years for breakfast, tea, or coffee. 

Every year, I have two plants growing in my garden, which gives me enough sweetener to use throughout the year. Stevia is also perfect for adding sweetness, as just a tiny bit adds an enormous amount of sweetness to the blend. 

A blend of Erythritol with Stevia as an example takes out the coldness of erythritol and adds that extra sweetness needed. 

Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup – This dark and thick syrup derived from the Yacon plant’s roots is excellent at home instead of Molasses and is perfect for making Brown Sugar an example. 

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Starbucks Syrups

Tell me, Who does not like Starbucks? 

Everyone loves coffee. And even for the ones who do not, there are tea options in Starbucks. 

Starbucks is a very convenient way to get your coffee precisely when you wish. 

In an exact way and with the exact flavors you crave right at that moment. Starbucks is on almost every corner. I am sure one of their total of 33,833 stores might just be yours.  

Every shop is filled with various choices of coffee and served with Regular Sugar Coffee Syrups and Sugar-Free Syrups to your liking.

Best Sweetener for Keto in a bowls.
Keto Friendly Sweeteners

Homemade Sugar-Free Starbucks Syrups 

But there is a time from now and then when you just do not have one around you. Or you just can not get out of the house for some reason. 

Maybe it’s night, and everything is closed. Or you just want something made with the exact ingredients you know and prefer.

And all of this without raising your blood sugar levels. 

Here comes our selection of Do It Yourself Keto Syrups. 

Isn’t that wonderful to have homemade syrups you can mix and match in the leisure of your home?

Starbucks Copycat Sugar-Free Coffee

In our Chocolate Syrup post, I even came up with a brand new Starbucks Coffee drink using only our Sugar-Freee Starbucks Syrups and other Low Carb homemade recipes. 

If you do not want to go there straight now, I will repeat the idea here for you as I believe this could be an excellent Coffee Sugar Rush Bomb in a Keto Version.

Homemade Syrups in a shot glasses.
Ultimate Low Carb Sweeteners Guide
What can you use in the selection of Homemade Low Carb Sweeteners?

Our Low Carb Sweetener Blends made at home can be used not only for coffee.

Add them into baking, sweeten your favorite drinks, and whisk them into a smoothie of your choice. 
Sweeten your homemade Keto milk or sprinkle it over your favorite cocktail.

There are so many choices and variations you can use those sweeteners for. Therefore it is a great idea to have at least some of them in your kitchen at one time.

 How To Make Homemade Sweeteners?

This section will go through some already prepared recipes for you, which you can whip up in just a few minutes, with ingredients you might already have at home. 

But before we start, I would like to add a few tips.

How To Make Powdered Sweetener?

Simply place your granulated Sweetener into the blender, Magic Bullet, or a coffee grinder and switch it on.

Tada. In a few seconds, you have your powdered sugar.

You can make a big batch and store it in Mason Jars. Or you can blend only the amount you need right now. Both options work. It only depends on what exactly you prefer.

Homemade Low Carb Sweeteners in a glasses.
Low Carb Sweeteners

Homemade Stevia Powder from Scratch

Making your Stevia directly from the plant you have in your garden can not be easier. 

It is the best way to have some kind of sugar-free sweetener in your kitchen at all times.

  1. Simply cut all the leaves from stevia and place them on a newspaper to dry. Please do not place it in direct sun as the leaves might darken. 
  1. Let it dry for a few days and once all of the leaves are dried, take out your Blender.
  1. You can use a blender, Magic Bullet, or simply your Coffee grinder. Each one of the choices works. You will also realize how the sweetness intensifies more and more as the leaves get dryer and dryer. 
  1. Out of a small basket of leaves, you will have approximately half a cup of stevia powder, but do not worry. You only need a pinch to sweeten things. 
  2. Store it in your Herbs compartment in your Mason Jar and enjoy. 

How Do You Make Homemade Sweeteners?

To make homemade sweetener is by combining various Keto-Friendly ingredients and either whisking, blending, or cooking them together. 

Keto Friendly Sweeteners on a plate with bowls.
Homemade Syrups

Recipes that pair well with Homemade Keto Sweeteners

Homemade Keto Sweeteners

Here are our Top and the Best Sweeteners you can make at home. 

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Ultimate Low Carb Sweeteners Guide placed next to each other.
How To make Keto Sweeteners at Home

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Homemade Keto Sweeteners

Make Keto Sweeteners at Home with various Sugar-Free Homemade Syrups and DIY Low Carb Sugar Blends. Build your own Sugar-Free Starbucks Station in your Kitchen with those Natural, Diabetic Friendly, and Gluten-Free Sugar Blends you make yourself and save lots of money.

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Barbara Pitts

Tuesday 7th of February 2023

I want to make allulose monkfruit blend. I have allulose and I have the pure monkfruit extract, which is extremely sweet. Do you know the amount of the pure monkfruit extract to mix into allulose in order to make it a 1 to 1 ratio with table sugar?

Thanks, Zuzana!


Friday 10th of February 2023

I have not tried mixing various sweeteners together, but I would go with the taste. Every brand is a bit different in sweetness as well.

Tammy Porter

Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Hello, since I can not find Allulose/Monk Fruit blend locally..... I can find Allulose and Monk Fruit alone. Would you mix it half and half. Or other ratio?


Sunday 4th of December 2022

As they are both very similar, I would mix it half half.