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Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe (Braided)

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This perfectly soft and on a sweet side Keto Challah Bread Recipe, or as some call it Braided Bread recipe will leave you astonished and bring the holiday season into another level of tastiness. All of your special events, like Hanukkah, Sabbah, Easter Christmas or just Breakfast will make it super special.

Our Low Carb lifestyle is the best ever choice and this shows, we can bake almost anything, to be fitted into our healthy way of eating.

Keto Breakfast Challah Bread cut on a plate
Keto Challah Bread

Whether it is Easter, Christmas or just an ordinary day, our Homemade Keto Eggnog Recipe is a part of this as well. 

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What is Challah Bread?

Challah bread has been used for centuries as one of the main parts of Jewish celebrations. The bread is normally yellowish in color because of using a substantial amount of eggs in it.

I have only found out about Challah Bread actually existing when I have started searching for the name of this recipe.

[mv_video jsonLd=”true” key=”ouczu5pzdccnh8allcum” sticky=”false” thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/ouczu5pzdccnh8allcum.jpg” title=”Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe (Braided)”]

In my country – Slovakia, where I come from, we have identical bread called Vianočka and it is baked mostly during Christmas or Easter Holidays.

Together with our Keto “Potato” Salad it is a dish, that needs to be served during a Christmas day.

Keto Christmas Bread

This plaited or braided bread was and still is the symbol representing Christ child wrapped in cloth. Therefore, could not be missed on a Christmas table.

Mostly used for breakfast, it was and still is one of the most favorite bread, loved by children because of the sweetness.

Those days you can get this bread throughout the whole year in different varieties. Mostly it is on a sweet side, sometimes with added raisins, sometimes dried fruits, in occasion also a rum essence is added.

We live in Austria and the same bread is called here Zopfbread, which came from the way it is assembled – by braiding 3,4 or 5 plaits. Some stack those plaids on top of one another.

But some just make one level, because of easiness or it, so it really depends on your liking.

Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe with tulips
Homemade Keto Braided Bread
What countries have Challah or Braided Bread as a part of their traditions?

Only after researching about this bread for the article, I have found out, this Braided bread or Challah bread is well known in almost every country in the world. Poland, Armenia, Romania, Finland, Turkey, Germany, Slovakia just to name a few.

How does Keto Challah Bread taste like?

For the ones, who never tried it, it is similar to a brioche not only in color but also texture. Very light, soft, kind of on a spongy side, but just a tiny bit.

Challah Bread in other Countries

  • Poland – Baigiel, Chalka
  • Armenia, Bulgaria – Kozunak
  • Romania – Cozonac
  • Czech Republic – Vánočka
  • Greece – Tsoureki
  • Finland – Pulla
  • Turkey – Choreg
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland – Zopf
  • France – Brioche,
  • Slovakia – Vianočka
Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe
Sweet Challah Bread

What is this Keto Plaited Bread eaten with?

My memory as a child, we used to eat it either just plain or with the spread of butter on top. The third option used to be to scatter powdered sugar all over, so the sweetness gets even more intense.

Some people like to add jams or marmalade on top of butter as well, which for me used to be already a double added sweetness – too extreme to my liking. But we all like it differently, so do try that option as well.

What alternatives are there with Challah bread or Plaited bread?

As already mentioned, different countries add a few different ingredients to make it really special.

My recipe is made as I remember it as a child when raisins were added into it. But because we are in a Low Carb land, I have decided to replace dried raisins with dried cranberries for lowering the carbs. You can also use dried blueberries instead.

Just in case you would like to make your own Sugar-Free dried cranberries, have a look at my dear friend Carolines Recipe on her website All day I dream about food.

Also as I remember it, our way was always laced with sugar for perfection.

Hungarians, for example, add poppy seeds on top, in Libya, bread is soaked in orange blossom water. In Spain pumpkin is mixed into the dough.

You can also add sesame or poppy seeds, flavor it with aniseed, cardamom or coriander.

Added spices such as saffron, za’atar, orange flower, rose water, almond oil or olive oil, nuts or candied fruits.

But you can also go as far as Mr. Scheft, who invented „holiday“ Challah, which is salty as a pretzel and savory with carrots, parsley, and celery.

Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe with dried berries
Low Carb Challah Bread

My story

As most of my recipe developments, there are usually 2 ways:

1. Try and try and try. Then give up. Then after a few months try again until you get it.

I try 100 times if I want to develop something. A great example is those Sugar-Free Meringue Cookies Recipe, where it took me good 4 years to develop. Those were just something I had to make into Low Carb. Because I just so loved them in my previous life, there was no way I could have to imagine my life without them.

2. Simple coincident

With this Sweet Keto Challah Braided Bread Recipe, it all came as a big coincident. I have not even planned to make one. I mean, I do love sweet braided bread, but not as much as I did the meringue cookies, so for me, it was not a real must to develop.

Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe

But then one day, as I was trying to bake one of the thousands of bread recipes for my daughter, one of them had so much reminded me of this light fluffy braided bread called Vianočka in my country or Challah bread as I have discovered at a later stage.

It was salty, but I was sure, if I will add this and take this and replace this, something unbelievable can happen. So there I went baking.

And ….

After about 4th time the Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe was just perfect. The only problem was, that the dough was very liquid and it was not possible to braid into a loaf.

And on the other side I knew, if I would add more dry ingredients, which will enable me to braided, the bread will become very dense and the texture and taste I wanted to develop so badly will diminish.

So there I went onto the internet to look for a baking form, with the shape of braided bread.

Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe for Easter

Tell you, that was not easy. I have seen lots made from aluminum, steel or copper, but as I had experienced before, with baking low carb dishes, there is nothing better than silicone baking form. So, in the end, I have found one, ordered it and baked it.

And wohoo, the perfect Sweet Keto Challah Braided Bread Recipe was born. And that even without having to learn how to braid it.

To make it even more exciting, I have now developed a perfect Keto Brioche Bread, which is another sweet choice for your Breakfast. Out of this leaf, I have also made Bread Pudding, which you should definitely give it a go.

Now you can enjoy it as well.

Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe Collage on how to make images

I have made it sweet enough, so nothing else is needed to be added for the sweetness, but if you do prefer it salty or not so sweet, just replace the vanilla protein powder with unflavored one.

And here goes the perfect Sweet Keto Challah Braided Bread Recipe for you to enjoy.

What kind of baking form to use for our Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe? 

The exact measurements of my baking form are: Lenght x Width x Height: 35 x 15 x 7 Cm or 13,7 x 6 x 2,7 Inches.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find the exact same one on the internet to purchase, so I have found a similar one in the Amazon shop, which I am attaching a link with an image as well.

Bear in mind, that this form is a bit smaller and you might add a bit less mixture in as the dough still grows a bit while baking. This should give you the same results and look for Challah Bread.

Breakfast Keto Bread

Have it for breakfast with our Sugar-Free Strawberry Jam and Keto Cold Brew Coffee. You will so enjoy the soft taste of slowly brewed coffee, just perfect for breakfast time.

After a few alternations I was able to produce for you a perfect Brioche Bread, which is the best ever to make our fabulous French toast or a Bread Pudding.

If you are into sweet bread recipes, I would suggest for you to have a look at this Keto Banana Bread.

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Keto Breakfast Challah Bread cut on a plate

Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe

Zuzana Paar
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Sweet Keto Challah Bread Recipe (Braided) is made into perfection without Flour, perfect for Low Carb option for Sabbath, Christmas or Easter celebrations.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Course Bread
Cuisine International
Servings 20
Calories 147 kcal



  • Heat up the oven to 160C or 320F
  • In a separate bowl, mix eggs into fluffiness, then add sugar substitute and mix again.
  • Add Cream Cheese and all of the liquid ingredients and mix again
  • Once that is properly mixed, add all of the dried ingredients and finish it with mixing it all together.
  • Take it our of the mixer and add fresh lemon zest followed by dry cranberries
  • Gently hand mix it into the dough, which is then poured into a silicone baking pan, depending on your desired shape.
  • Bake for 45 Min
  • Bon appetite



  • The exact measurements of my baking form are: Lenght x Width x Height: 35 x 15 x 7 Cm or 13,7 x 6 x 2,7 Inches. Bear in mind, that the baking form from Amazon is a bit smaller and you might reduce the amount for baking.
  • Unfortunately I was not able to find the exact same one on the internet to purchase, so I have found a similar one in the Amazon shop, which I am attaching link with an image as well. This should give you the same results and look for Challah Bread.


Serving: 1gCalories: 147kcalCarbohydrates: 2gProtein: 5gFat: 13gSaturated Fat: 6gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 4gTrans Fat: 0.1gCholesterol: 67mgSodium: 228mgPotassium: 54mgSugar: 1gVitamin A: 391IUVitamin C: 0.2mgCalcium: 72mgIron: 0.2mg


Please note that nutrient values are estimates only. Variations can occur due to product availability and manner of food preparation. Nutrition may vary based on methods of origin, preparation, freshness of ingredients, and other factors.

Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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  1. This looks amazing, and I’m definitely going to try it! Is it similar to panettoni (another bread I miss now I’m keto/low carb)!?



  3. Dear Zuzana, Thank you for your creative recipes!

    I am obsessed with keto recipes that taste like the real thing. I am wondering if you have ever experimented with using either yeast and/or vital gluten (for people w/out gluten problems) with the Challah recipe? They would help to get the right texture as well as taste, I think.

    If not, do you have any idea of how much vital gluten would work? Yeast is pretty standard amount (2.25 tsp)
    Thanks very much!

    • Dear Danie,

      I have unfortunately did not experienced with neither the yeast or vital gluten even though it is in the plans. Using those ingredients to make Challah Bread, I would have to start from scratch and make an entire different recipe I guess.
      But if you do, I would be very happy if you let me know how it worked.

  4. I bought a mold recently to try this bread. I was excited it turned out really well. I put it in the oven 20 minutes longer as it was undercooked. The next day I noticed it was still undercooked in the middle, so I will bake it longer next time. Everyone in the family loved it, even the picky eaters!! Thank you for the lovely recipe!

  5. This recipe looks wonderful.
    Can you substitute egg white protein powder for whey protein powder in this recipe – and would it be in equal amounts or how would you adjust? Thanks


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