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Homemade Cheese Dip with Just 1g Total Carbs

I bet you do like anything made at home. If yes, this Homemade Cheese dip would not be an exception. And a BIG surprise to our Low Carb Lifestyle. It only contains 1g of Total Carbohydrates per portion. How awesome is that?

Low Carb Spread in a bowl
Homemade Keto Spread

Our Flaxseed Keto Wraps or Keto Farmers Bread would go perfectly with them.

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But tell me.

How do you feel, when you try something and suddenly your whole childhood memories start running through your head?

I am sure you do have dishes, you have completely forgotten about. Forgotten, they even exist. And then… only one little try and you are back in your memories.

This exactly happened to me this summer.

Got invited for a BBQ by a dear friend of mine. While we were sitting and enjoying all the goodies she has prepared for us, there was this spread or a dip on the table. It did look like an ordinary dip, but.

But But But.

I took a little piece on my cucumber and WOHO. All I could think of was my childhood. At that moment I felt, that I needed a whole bowl only for me.

At that moment all I could think of was Why?

Homemade Cheese Dip with Just 1g Total Carbs
Low Carb Spread

Where was this all those years? How is it possible that I have lived without this for so long. And how is it possible, that I have completely forgotten about this. We used to have this exact homemade cheese dip all the time. As kids, every time we played outside, one of the mums brought slices of bread with a spread and we used to fight over, who gets the biggest piece. Well, so forgotten.

But not anymore.

The best thing is, that now it will always be here, so nobody will ever forget. You eat it once, you will have to eat it all the time. Trust me on this.

But the best part is, it is so easy to make and lasts in the fridge for days. And everyone loves it.

The only warning I have to give you. Take your toothbrush out after eating it.


Because it contains quite lots of Garlic. But Garlic is the perfect addition to our health and therefore we have to eat as much as we can.

Homemade Cheese Dip with Just 1g Total Carbs #cheese #dip #spread #keto #lowcarb #paleo #garlicdip #healthydip

20 Garlic Benefits:

  1. Cleans our body
  2. Detoxifies heavy metals from our bodies
  3. Helps us to live longer
  4. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia
  5. Improves our Cholesterol Levels
  6. Lowers the risk of Heart disease
  7. Reduces Blood Pressure
  8. Helps our Immune system
  9. Prevents Colds and fights against Infections
  10. Contains very few calories
  11. Contains lots of Nutrition
  12. Helps reverse Hair Loss
  13. Helps in treating Diabetes
  14. Treats Wounds
  15. Helps in treating Eye Infections and inflammations
  16. Controls Asthma
  17. Prevents Acne
  18. Helps in treating Kidney Infections
  19. Supports Weight Loss
  20. Treats Yeast Infections

This Homemade Cheese dip as I already mentioned, is really easy to make. All you need is a bit of cheese some garlic and Sour Cream. If you are not fond of Sour cream, just add a bit of yogurt or a cream cheese. It is all up to you.

And if you would still want to check another great spread, why not trying our Tuna Mix, which could be used also for parties, or just as a breakfast tip. And those Protein Buns or Low Carb Yogurt Buns are perfect to put it on. Or on our Keto Cloud Egg Crisps Chips.

As you see on the images, I have also transformed this homemade cheese dip into a Christmas tree as well as pine cone cheese ball design.

My tree story is pretty extraordinary, but I have to tell you.

It starts like this.

Last year I have seen posting a lovely Antipasto Xmas Tree, which I really liked and got inspired to making it once for our Christmas. Later, of course, as most of the ideas, this got completely forgotten.


Until about 6 months ago, when I went to our local market.

There, as I was walking I saw someone selling beautiful Olives in various colors and sizes. I even took a shot for my Instagram story, just because it was really pretty. At the same moment, I thought of that Christmas Tree and made a decision to make a tree from those olives. One day.

Xmas Tree Cheese Spread Keto
Christmas Tree Spread decoration

Now 6 months have passed and again everything is forgotten.

Until the time I got invited to a lovely BBQ.

There as my head stopped spinning about the childhood, my brain started working and I was already making designs and photo ideas for my blog. I knew I will definitely write this recipe up, and subsequently, tree and those olives came back from memories.

You see how our brains works?

And I am happy I can explain all of it to you.

So. Last week went to the market to get the olives. But as this idea of a Christmas tree was in my head, I have not really thought of the small nitty gritty. As I came to the shop, I have realized, that the exact olives I wanted to buy, or the olives which had the most amazing color, were all the biggest olives in the universe. I swear those were so huge, I could not believe. 6 months ago I did not see them as huge as now. I guess, now I already knew what I am going to do with them and therefore had to really start thinking.

Left the counter and looked throughout the whole market to find maybe something similar but smaller.

But no luck.

All of the little cute olives were either only green or black. So back to the stand and took a handful of each color, thinking I will come up with something in the process. And do not let me start explaining about the price of them. This story I would leave it for myself. But I can tell you, this is probably the most expensive Recipe on my blog.

Christmas Tree Cheese Dip Low Carb #cheese #dip #spread #keto #lowcarb #paleo #garlicdip #healthydip #christmas #tree #holidays #eas

Came home, bought the ingredients for the homemade cheese spread and started making my video. Then build the tree and of course, Olives were huge. But still I do love the colors and once I will have a party of maybe 50 people, I will make this spread and those olives would fit perfectly. And probably it would be the biggest Homemade Cheese Dip Christmas Tree in the whole Universe. And maybe we do get into Guinness World of records. I will definitely make some pictures. If I will ever make it.

So, as I was building the tree and realized, this might probably not work the best, I started already in my head planning for one more idea, where I wanted to incorporate this Homemade Cheese dip into.

And this is how this pine cone cheese ball came in handy.

Well, it had to be associated with Christmas.

Since we are by Christmas, check our Low Carb Gingerbread Cookies or Christmas Tree Cupcakes, which could be made with your kids as well. They were all done by my daughter. Or an addition, our Sugar-Free Meringue Cookies are a must to have on the Xmas table as well. 

Keto Pine Cone Dip
Christmas Cone Spread

I do hope you will enjoy the dip or a spread once you try it and you will be making it like forever. Do let us know and send us some pictures of what you came up with.

And as you see on the pictures, this lovely bread, which is completely Low carb as well, before you ask, here is the recipe for our Famous Keto Farmers Bread.

Pine Cone Cheese Spread Low Carb #cheese #dip #spread #keto #lowcarb #paleo #garlicdip #healthydip #piecone #Thanksgiving #festivity

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Yield: 8

Homemade Cheese Dip with just 1 g Total Carbs

Low Carb Spread in a bowl

This Homemade Cheese Dip takes only total of 5 minutes, is the easiest dip to make plus gives you Garlic benefits you can only dream of.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 200 grams Hard Cheese
  • 5 Cloves garlic
  • 150 mililiter Sour Cream
  • pinch Salt
  • pinch Pepper


  1. Shred cheese
  2. Peel and crush garlic cloves
  3. In a bowl mix all of the ingredients together, add sour cream and depending on the taste, add extra salt and pepper.
  4. Bon Appetit
  5. If you are planning to make a Christmas Tree, I would suggest a bit less sour Cream, so the consistency is harder and easier to shape it into a tree. Also, I would suggest keeping the mixture in the fridge for a few hours, before serving and shaping the tree.

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Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 95Total Fat 8gCarbohydrates 1gProtein 4g

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Sunday 24th of March 2019

What tyes of hard cheese would you recommend using for the cheese dip please

Lowcarb nocarb

Sunday 24th of March 2019

Dear Mandie,

Any hard cheese would work, it all depends on your liking. I love to use either Ementhal, Edam or Gouda.

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