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Keto Asparagus Tagliatelle Pasta – Low Carb

Beautifully flavored Keto Asparagus Tagliatelle Pasta made entirely our of white Asparagus, will add another option to Keto noodles variation. Soft and sweeter flavor together with lovely asparagus sauce make this dish irresistible to make. 

This post is an update from April 2017. 


Do not believe me? Well just look at this recipe. Those are tagliatelle made entirely from asparagus with a super asparagus sauce.

Now, that we have the season for asparagus, so they are in every shop and since I do love them I started using my brain to come up with something unique. I wanted a complete uniqueness. And the uniqueness came in a form of asparagus noodles.

Well, it let me think, there are a various variety of vegetable noodles but I have not seen asparagus one. Then I check with uncle Google and could not find anything. Well maybe they are somewhere there, but I did not look good enough. But it does not matter.

Keto Asparagus Tagliatelle Pasta - Completely Low Carb with a black background with bright red capsicum

I had this idea of making them, but then I thought maybe they were already invented but not really tasty and therefore never made into the world. But as I am, I could not just leave it. I said to myself. I have to try them. At least I will eat them and would know for sure how they taste. And if it is really bad, I will just dump them or make something else.

But you know what?


And the sauce – O MY. So tasty. And that was just what I had in the fridge and though I will experiment and try to mix a bit this and that.

And it worked. WORKED.

If you would like to still look at another way of making Keto Noodles, have a look at our Keto Fiber Noodles Recipe. 

I have also made a whole post about various Low carb and Keto Pasta Alternatives.

Difference between white and green asparagus.

As you can see, in this recipe I have used entirely white Asparagus.

The reason is not only the beautiful see-through look of Keto AsparagusTagliatelle pasta made out of this. White Asparagus, compare to the green one much more delicate in taste, milder and a bit on a sweet side.

White Asparagus grows under the soil or in a dark environment and therefore does not get the greeny and grassy look and feel. This on the other side gives us an additional type of vegetable so popular in the season.  

For the Green Asparagus, have a look at our Asparagus Keto Quiche Recipe. 

Keto Asparagus Tagliatelle Pasta - Completely Low Carb with asparagus sauce pouring on to the dish

Where does the White Asparagus come from?

White asparagus is and can be grown anywhere green asparagus is. The only difference is, that it is a bit more labor intense, where it needs to be grown in the dark environment, or covered entirely, to prevent it from producing chlorophyll – the molecule, which helps the asparagus become green.  

Very popular in Central Europe, especially Germany, Nederland, and Austria because of sandy soil, which is extremely suitable to grow this particular sort. 

This is one of the reason, why in all of the restaurants in our region Asparagus season is celebrated with various dishes and offers. White asparagus with hollandaise sauce could be found on every single menu. Asparagus Festivals are very popular as well. 

When you drive around the country, you can see on the side of the road almost by every farmer offer, with boxes of white asparagus. Supermarkets are filled with it together with already made hollandaise sauce and peelers next to it. 

Is Asparagus considered healthy and Keto?

With a very low glycemic index, this vegetable is a big part of our lifestyle. It is not only very low in Carbohydrates but also contains a great amount of Fiber and protein. 

It is very low in calories and therefore helps in weight management. 

Keto Asparagus Tagliatelle Pasta - Completely Low Carb decorated with half lemon and parsley

Does white asparagus need to be peeled?

Since it is grown under the soil, it normally grows into much thicker stems. Those stems are covered with one layer, which is not eatable and very thick to use. Therefore we do have to peel the outer layer. Also, it is important to cut the bottom third of the stems, which is bitter and not really tasty. 

How long do you have to cook White Asparagus?

As already mentioned, white Asparagus is much thicker and harder and therefore needs to be cooked much longer compared to the green asparagus. But once cooked, it is beautifully soft and the taste is unbelievable. 

In this recipe, even though I have sliced the White Asparagus into the Tagliatelle looking pasta, I still had to cook it for at least 12 minutes, for the softness to appear. 

Keto Asparagus Tagliatelle Pasta - Completely Low Carb overhead photo with asparagus sauce

While cooking, it is advisable to add a bit of butter, lemon and sweetener for the bitterness to go away. This way, you will achieve the best and softest white Asparagus, you can dream of. 

Can you eat white asparagus raw?

Compare to the green asparagus, which is so tasty eaten raw, it is not really advisable to eat white asparagus raw. The bitterness it contains is pretty strong and not on a tasty side. But once cooked, it can be eaten warm or cold. Depending on your preference. 

How to store White Asparagus?

White Asparagus can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. To retain the freshness, it is advisable to store it covered with a damp cloth. 

Keto Asparagus Tagliatelle Pasta - Completely Low Carb step by step photo instructions

Can white Asparagus be frozen?

Although I hardly freeze it, because once it bought, I just can not wait to make something out of it. We all love white Asparagus for its softness and easy handling.

But if you really want to freeze it, peel it first and cut the ends, as if you would prepare it for normal cooking. Then raw white Asparagus can be placed into a Zip log bag or a Mason Jar and placed in the freezer. 

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Yield: 3

Asparagus Tagliatelle Completely Low Carb

Asparagus Tagliatelle Completely Low Carb

Asparagus Tagliatelle Completely Low Carb is an ​unbelievable idea if you want a new version of a low carb pasta or anything new from asparagus

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 15 Pieces of white asparagus
  • 250g of sour cream
  • 150g Creme Fraiche
  • 50g Hard cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • lemon, butter, ​and stevia for boiling


  1. Clean and slice the skin of the white asparagus and cut the ends a bit
  2. Take 10 pieces and slice them with a hand slicer into a thin tagliatelle
  3. Cut the tops and put aside with additional 5 whole pieces
  4. Boil the water, where you add a bit of lemon, butter and stevia (this will prevent the bitterness of some asparagus)
  5. Place all asparagus ( slices and the leftovers) into the water and cook for 12 minutes
  6. You can cook the Tagliatelle and extra pieces separate if you want or if you think it would be difficult to separate them, but I have done it all together ans it was ok.
  7. In the meantime heat up sour cream and creme fraiche
  8. Once asparagus in cooked, throw the water and take all the leftover pieces and add them into the cream sauce.
  9. With hand blender mix the cream with asparagus pieces to get a smooth sauce.
  10. Add grained cheese into the sauce and serve
  11. You would still have some sauce left for the day after
  12. Bon appetit

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 263Total Fat 23gCarbohydrates 3gProtein 6g

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