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Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe

Incredible perfect taste of a homemade Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe, which will finally help you with your craving for sushi. I am sure you already had it a few times in our Low Carb lifestyle.

If you are like me, transforming into a Low Carb lifestyle was not always easy. There were dishes, which I have adored and could not imagine living without. One of them was sushi.

Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe with salmon and avocado
Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe

Before reading further, if you are planning to make avocado sushi and just in case you have bought more avocados, have a look at our Avocado Burger, which is perfect as well.

Sushi Story:

When we have lived in the Middle East, I remember, every time my older daughter and I went out to eat, we only picked Japanese restaurant. There was nothing else we loved dearly as eating sushi whenever possible. I have even made all of my lunch appointments with clients in Japanese restaurants. Do you think they did mind?

Most of them already knew about the love of sushi I had and did not even tried to suggest something else. I really was able to eat it even for Breakfast, not saying every lunch and dinner. Never got fed up with it. And if I had no time, I always picked up a package for home, so we never run out of it.

Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe close up
Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe

Then one day…..

Then one day, I have decided to make a sushi evening, where I have invited few friends and have decided to make sushi all by myself.

And what I did?

Went onto the internet to search how one makes sushi. Bough all of the ingredients including vinegar and went to cook the rice. The Recipe called for sugar and vinegar, which I have added and I guess that was the biggest mistake. I guess I have added too much from each ingredient and I have to tell you. The sushi was not really edible.

I mean, it was not bad, but that strong taste of vinegar and sugar together. Yack. That was the day I felt really sick and stopped eating sushi all together for at least a year. I could not even see it in the shops. It really made me sick every time I saw it somewhere.

Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe with avocado and carrots
Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe

Party for my clients.

I guess all of my clients had celebrated that year.

It really took a good year for me to go and try it again. But it was not as before. I really did not have had that real craving. Took me probably good 3 years for me to crave sushi again.

1 year – 2 years – 3 years – 4 years – – –

Years went by and we have changed our lifestyle into Low Carb. By then I was again, most of the time going to all of the Japanese Restaurants available.

I even made my younger daughter love Japanese Restaurant. But this time, since we have changed to Low Carb and none of the restaurants had Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls, all of our orders where Sashimi and Naruto Rolls.

Those lovely Naruto Rolls we have found by coincidence when once, we have ordered the biggest sashimi option they had and as a part of the plate, there were few pieces of those Naruto Rolls. I immediately went crazy and ordered the whole plate only of those rolls.

Keto Sushi Rolls Recipe
Keto Sushi Rolls Recipe

It kind of reminded me of Sushi but in our lifestyle way. Like a Low Carb Sushi. Or Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls. The only problem was, that not every Japanese cuisine or restaurant was able to make them. In some, they had no idea what they were. In others, they have said it is too difficult to make them.

And what did I do?

In the end, as you know me, I never gave up and went to try them at home. And how perfect they are. We now make them regularly at home and I even found out the easier way, on how to make them. But all of this you can check by our Naruto Maki Recipe. 

But now let us get back to actually making those lovely Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe.

If you are a Sushi lover you have to read further.

First and the most important is the Keto Rice.

Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe
Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe

How to make Low Carb or Keto rice?

In this recipe, we are making Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe with Cauliflower rice. I have chosen Cauliflower because it is as closest looking as rice is. And the second, it is great for our Low Carb lifestyle. It is a perfect keto friendly sushi option and you will not see or taste the difference at all.

I have also made a whole post about various Low carb and Keto Pasta Alternatives.

Why is cauliflower rice good for you?

The benefits of Cauliflower Rice are really outstanding.

  • Contains sulforaphane, where this compound helps us to kill cancerous cells
  • Helps us boosts our brain function with the help of choline
  • Rich in Fiber, helps boost our heart health
  • Contains beta-carotene
  • Help reduce stress
  • Fights inflammation
  • Is rich in Vitamin C and folate, which helps in weight reduction
  • Their antioxidants help us to detoxify our body
  • Contains vitamin K, which helps our bones to stay strong
  • Helps our digestive system, because it does contain water as well as dietary fiber
  • Antioxidants and vitamin C helps our vision
  • Improves the texture of our skin and hair
  • Is very low in carbohydrates and calories

There are already lots of options and recipes for cauliflower rice. We have so far not found the one, which my daughter likes, even though I have already tried various recipes. But. I will make sure, once we find the perfect recipe, I will write it up for you.

But, just in case you do know of any, which you feel might be loved by my daughter, please share it with us. I would really appreciate.

Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe
Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe


How to make Cauliflower rice?

There are various options how you can make Cauliflower rice. You can manually cut cauliflower into small tiny pieces, you can place it into the mixer and get it mixed. But.

Can you make cauliflower rice in a blender?

With all of our trials, I have found, the easiest way to make Cauliflower Rice is in the Blender. The magic trick is, to add water to it. In that way, your cauliflower will get cut into the exact same looking tiny pieces. When you will have a look at the video, it is nicely shown how easy this is done. All you then have to do is drain the water and you have perfect rice to use for anything you wish for.

Can you make cauliflower rice in a Nutribullet?

Yes, you can, the same way as we make it in the blender. The only problem is, that if you are planning to cut the whole Cauliflower head, it would take you a bit of time. Because for Cauliflower to be able to be cut into those rice looking pieces, you can only add about half the cup of cauliflower and fill it up with water, so the process can be made.

Keto Sushi Rolls Recipe
Keto Sushi Rolls Recipe

Can cauliflower rice be frozen?

Yes, it can and I have done it already on several occasions. The reason is, that once I decide to make rice out of the cauliflower, that means, that I have to take out the blender from the storage, cut cauliflower into pieces, make the rice by batches and therefore make a bit of a mess in the kitchen. And since I do not want to always stand in the kitchen if I make rice, I buy straight 2 big heads of cauliflower and make quite a lot, so it can last for other recipes as well. I normally freeze the cauliflower rice uncooked, so if I need it, I just take it from the freezer and use it however I want.

Just make sure, that once taken out of the freezer, you let it unfreeze properly and drain all the water. But it really depends on what exactly are you planning to make with it.

Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe with Japanese Green Tea
Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe

How to make Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe?

Once you drain the cauliflower rice, all you have to do is boil it for a few minutes, drain it again and you have your rice ready.

I use a muslin cloth to drain the rice properly because if it is too moist, your Keto Sushi will not hold properly. I always make sure, I drain it as much as I can until I have a little ball, almost dry. It still contains a bit of liquid, which is just perfect for rolling it further. In that way you do not have to moist anything else and once cut, you will not see the difference.

Do you add anything into the Cauliflower rice to make it sushi tasting?

Probably because of my previous experience, the first time we have made this Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe,  I have decided not to add anything and see the results. And I have found out, you really do not need to add any vinegar or sugar alternative as they do in original recipes. Because sushi rolls are always with the addition of either some veggies or raw fish, you do get enough of flavor from those and at the end, you soak it in the soya sauce, which is more than enough.

But be careful with purchasing soya sauce. It is not the healthiest option, but it is a big part of Sushi, so make sure you get the best and the most natural sauce you can.

How to Collage for Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe
How to Collage for Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe

But. There seems to be always but 🙂

But. To be proper and make it as original as it could be, I have added a bit of vinegar and stevia, but only to the boiling water with  Cauliflower. In that way, you really got only that little tiny smear of the taste. But still perfect enough for sushi rice.

And to stay with Asian feeling, we have also a great Keto Ramen Chicken Noodles Recipe for you to look at.

Do You see how easy this is made?

Now lets us go to a full recipe, so you can have it always handy if you need to.

But you can always check our video, which I guess is the easiest way of explaining the whole process.

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Yield: 8

Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe

Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe

This homemade easy to do Keto Sushi Recipe with Cauliflower is the perfect dinner or lunch option full of healthiness​ and as little calories as you can have.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 2 Cup of cauliflower
  • 2 pieces of Nori Sheets
  • 1 Tbsp of Vinegar
  • 1 Stevia tablet
  • 25g Salmon
  • 0,5 Medium avocado


  1. Break Cauliflower into smaller pieces
  2. Add it into the Blender and add cold water, just to cover the cauliflower. Be careful not to fill it up with the water fully, otherwise all will spill while mixing.
  3. Switch on the Blender and wait until cauliflower is cut into the desired small rice looking pieces.
  4. Add all of it into the pot and let it cook for 5 minutes. Add the vinegar and stevia.
  5. Drain the cauliflower rice through the drain basket.
  6. Run through with cold water ,so you are able to handle the heat afterwards.
  7. Once all of the water is drained, transfer the cauliflower onto the muslin cloth and squeeze it until all of the water is out
  8. Place the cauliflower onto a bowl and prepare your Nori sheets.
  9. Once you have your Nori sheet prepared, add the rice as you would by normal sushi making
  10. Add your desired veggies and fish. We have made it with salmon and avocado
  11. Water the end of the nori a bit, so it will hold once rolled.
  12. Roll the sushi and place it aside. Follow the same instruction with the second roll.
  13. Once done, cut with a really sharp knife and place it for serving
  14. Bon appetit.

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Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 28Total Fat 1gSodium 18mgCarbohydrates 2gFiber 2gSugar 0gProtein 2g

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As you came all the way here, I can see, you are really loving seaweed. You might as well check Seaweed salad to go with one of your Asian evenings.

Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe #keto #lowcarb #sushi #rolls #diabetes #friendly #cauliflower #avocado #homemade
Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe

And if you are already filled up with the main course, why not to look at our Dessert section where you can pick something really tasty for afterward.

And? Have you already tried Keto Friendly Sushi Rolls Recipe any other way? Let us know. Maybe there is something we have not tried as yet.

And maybe you know some super duper perfect recipe for Cauliflower rice my daughter will love? Pls, share it with us.

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Saturday 1st of January 2022

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Sunday 30th of January 2022

@Zuzana, I gotta agree with you. Made this tonight and it was amazing. Couldn't taste the cauliflower at all. Gave my sushi loving 16 year old a piece and she LOVED it, didn't even know it didn't have rice until I told her and said she preferred it to normal sushi.


Sunday 2nd of January 2022

I personally am not fond of cauliflower as a replacements. But in this recipe, I must admit, you hardly taste any cauliflower at all.

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