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Oven Baked Keto Cheese Chips

Quick and easy way to make those Oven-baked Keto Cheese Chips from cheese slices and some additional condiments. Use your own imagination to make them every day different.

Oven Baked Keto Cheese Chips with olives

It only takes few minutes and your own quick Keto Cheese Chips are done.

Would you believe, this is the easiest way to make homemade Keto Cheese Chips?

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Another Cheese Chips?

If you are following our blog for a while, you might have seen, that I have already experimented in various ways, you can make various crunchy Keto snacks in our lifestyle.

I have already made Keto Popcorn – Low Carb Cheese Pops transferred Cheddar cheese into Keto Goldfish Crackers, made Keto Cheese Bacon Nachos, Fried Cheese Balls, Cheese Puffs or Keto Cheese Bacon Chips.

And all I can say, I am still just starting. As I already see, in about a few years, we would have so many choices of Keto Crunchy snacky, you would not be able to bake them all.

In this post, I will show you how easy and quick this can be done.

What do you need to make Keto Cheese Chips?

  • Cheese Slices – I have used Gouda
  • Condiments of your choice (gherkins & Olives)
Square Cheese Chips in the basket

Thats all. Nothing else. Oh, and Oven to bake it in. 🙂

Here we have Step by step instructions on how to make those perfect crispy oven baked Keto Cheese Crisps:

Step One: Heat up the oven

Step Two: Cut gherkins and olives into small pieces

You can also use our Keto Fermented Dill Pickles.

Cheese slices, gherkins and olives

Step Three: Place slices evenly onto the baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

Place cheese slices onto a baking dish

Step Four: Place few pieces of gherkins and olives onto the cheese slices

gherkins on top of the cheese slices

Step Five: Bake

cheese chips with gherkins and olives


You see how easy this is. I am always happy if the recipe is quick, easy, fast, with least ingredients and especially tasty and crunchy. And that is double for chips, we are craving so much in our Low Carb or Keto Lifestyle.

What type of Cheese slices to use for Keto Chips?

You can use almost any cheese slices you find in the supermarket. I have tried it already with Emmental Cheese, Gouda, Cheddar. They all came perfect.

Just try to avoid cheese, which is spreadable, because that would not really crisp in a short time.

crispy cheese chips with gherkins and olives

What to add to the Cheese Chips slices?

In this recipe I have use gherkins and olives.

Gherkins, because it gives that additional souernes and a bit of spicyness, if you use spicy ones.

Olives, that was my daughters favorite. And I also loved the color of the Keto Chips with Olives.


As I have baked those already quite a few times, I have of course experimented with almost anything.

I have given all to my family and friends to taste and gherkins and olive won above all.

But. You can add:

  • nuts
  • jalapenos
  • sunflower seeds
  • all types of seeds
  • spices
  • bacon
  • fresh herbs
  • meat in small pieces
  • any veggies precut into small
  • pepperoni
  • salami
  • ????

Do let me know, if you have tried something different. I am curious what would you come up with.

Cheese Chips on top of each other

Can you make Cheese Chips in the Microwave?

You certainly can, even though this is not the healthiest option. Additionally to this, once you make cheese slices in the microwave, they can either become soggy or rock hard.

With oven you can really regulate the crispiness you like and prefer.

And as you can see here, in only a few minutes, you can have them nice and crispy in the oven, I would still suggest using the oven for this recipe.

How to store Cheese Chips?

As all the cheesy chips, I store them in an Air-tight container. It is good to line the container with a tissue, to take the moisture out while stored.

If you will experience sogginess after a while, just pop them into the oven for a few minutes on a low heat for them to crisp again.

How long do Cheese Chips Last?

Those cheese chips do last a pretty long time. 1-2 weeks should be ok to store them. But it really depends on what condiments you use and how dry they become after baking. If you do feel and prefer some condiments a bit soft, I would try and consume them as soon as possible.

Cheese Crisps with condiments

Can you reheat Cheese Chips?

You certainly can, and this is exactly what I do suggest also in the case of cheese chips becoming a bit soggy.

Otherwise, I do not see any other reason why would you try and reheat those keto Cheese Chips. They are normally eaten cold and already crisp.

What if Cheese Chips become soggy?

Just spread them onto a baking sheet and leave them in the oven for 10 – 15 minutes at a low temperature. It that way they will dry and take out all of the moisture. They will again become perfectly crispy.

And here comes the full Recipe for Keto Cheese Chips made in Oven:

Thanks for giving us 5 stars 🙂

Yield: 6

Oven Baked Keto Cheese Chips

Oven Baked Keto Cheese Chips

Quick and easy way to make those Oven baked Keto Cheese Chips from cheese slices and some additional condiments. Use your own imagination to make them every day different.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  1. Preheat oven to 170C (340F)
  2. Cut gherkins and olives into small bite sizes
  3. Place slices onto a baking dish covered with parchment paper
  4. Place gherkins and olives onto each of the cheese slice
  5. Bake for 15 - 18 minutes
  6. Bon Appetit


You can use our Keto Pickles for this as well.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 75Total Fat 6gCarbohydrates 0gProtein 4g

Did you make this recipe?

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